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Hazen Shirley "Kiki" Cuyler (August 30, 1898 - February 11, 1950) was a Major League Baseball player from 1921 until 1938. His name "Kiki" (pronounced "kuy-kuy", rhymes with "eye") was a shortened form for his last name.

Cuyler broke into the big leagues in 1921 with the Pittsburgh Pirates and became a fixture in the lineup in 1924. Playing for the Pirates, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds and Brooklyn Dodgers over the next decade and a half, Cuyler established a reputation as an outstanding hitter with great speed. He regularly batted .350 or higher and finished with a .321 lifetime batting average. In 1925 Cuyler combined this great hitting with 18 home runs and 102 RBI. Cuyler's Pirates won the World Series that year, the only time in his career he would be part of a championship team.

Template:MLB HoF Cuyler led the league in stolen bases four times and finished his career with 328 steals.

Cuyler was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1968.

Cuyler was buried in Harrisville, Michigan which is also where he was born.

There is also a bar in Harrisville, Michigan named after Cuyler.

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