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128 is the natural number following 127 and preceding 129.

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Cardinal One hundred [and]
Ordinal 128th
Roman numeral CXXVIII
Binary 10000000
Hexadecimal 80

One hundred [and] twenty-eight is the largest number which can not be expressed as the sum of any number of distinct squares. But it can be expressed combining its digits with mathematical operators thus 128 = 28-1, making it a Friedman number.

One hundred [and] twenty-eight is also:

  • The size, in bits, of certain integer data types, used in computer representations of numbers.
  • The number of character codes in ASCII (a 7-bit, not 8-bit, code).
  • In megabytes, a common size for USB flash drives and memory cards.
  • The number of sons of Anathoth at the Census of men of Israel upon return from exile (Holy Bible, Ezra 2:23). Also, the number of singers, sons of Asaph (Ezra 2:41).
  • The number of musical instruments specified in General MIDI. Sometimes they are numbered 0 to 127 and sometimes they are numbered 1 to 128.
  • The year 128.

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