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Cycling World Championship - Road
Region:Different location each year. Outside Europe at least once every seven years
Date:Differed through history; early October in recent years
Type:Championship (One-day race)
First Edition:1927
Number of Editions:71
First Winner:Alfredo Binda (Italy)
Most Wins (road):Alfredo Binda (Italy), Rik Van Steenbergen (Belgium), Eddy Merckx (Belgium) and Óscar Freire (Spain), 3 times
Most Wins (time trial):Michael Rogers (Australia), 3 times

The professional World Cycling Championship is organised by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), and is a single 'massed start' road race, the winner being the first across the line at the completion of the full race distance.

The victor earns the right to wear the Rainbow jersey for a full year. Unlike other UCI-sanctioned races, the World Cycling Championship is competed for by nationality, not by commercial teams. The race is usually held towards the end of the European season, usually following the Vuelta a España.

There are also world cycling championships for track cycling and individual time trial (ITT) disciplines, among others.

The World Time-Trial Championship, an ITT event, is usually held on the same week and at the same venue as the road race. The winner of this event also earns the right to wear a slightly different rainbow jersey in ITT events for a full year.

The World Cycling Championship, along with the Tour de France and the Giro d'Italia, forms the Triple Crown of Cycling.

The first professional World Cycling Championship took place in 1927 at the Nürburgring in Germany and was won by Alfredo Binda, of Italy.

Only four cyclists have succesfully defended their title (three Belgians and one Italian): Georges Ronsse (Belgium, 1928-29); Rik Van Steenbergen (Belgium, 1956-57); Rik Van Looy (Belgium, 1960-61); Gianni Bugno (Italy, 1991-92).


World Cycling Champions

Year Venue World Champion
1927 Nürburgring, Germany Alfredo Binda , Italy
1928 Budapest, Hungary Georges Ronsse, Belgium
1929 Zürich, Switzerland Georges Ronsse, Belgium
1930 Liège, Belgium Alfredo Binda, Italy
1931 Copenhagen, Denmark Learco Guerra, Italy
1932 Rome, Italy Alfredo Binda, Italy
1933 Montlhery, France Georges Speicher, France
1934 Leipzig, Germany Karel Kaers, Belgium
1935 Floreffe, Belgium Jean Aerts, Belgium
1936 Bern, Switzerland Antonin Magne, France
1937 Copenhagen, Denmark Eloi Meulenberg, Belgium
1938 Valkenburg, Netherlands Marcel Kint, Belgium
No championships 1939-1945 due to World War II
1946 Zürich, Switzerland Hans Knecht, Switzerland
1947 Rheims, France Theo Middelkamp, Netherlands
1948 Valkenburg, Netherlands Briek Schotte, Belgium
1949 Copenhagen, Denmark Rik Van Steenbergen, Belgium
1950 Moorslede, Belgium Briek Schotte, Belgium
1951 Varese, Italy Ferdi Kubler, Switzerland
1952 Luxembourg, Luxembourg Heinz Müller, FRG
1953 Lugano, Switzerland Fausto Coppi, Italy
1954 Solingen, FRG Louison Bobet, France
1955 Frascati, Italy Stan Ockers, Belgium
1956 Copenhagen, Denmark Rik Van Steenbergen, Belgium
1957 Waregem, Belgium Rik Van Steenbergen, Belgium
1958 Rheims, France Ercole Baldini, Italy
1959 Zandvoort, Netherlands André Darrigade, France
1960 Chemnitz, GDR Rik Van Looy, Belgium
1961 Bern, Switzerland Rik Van Looy, Belgium
1962 Salò di Garda, Italy Jean Stablinski, France
1963 Ronse, Belgium Benoni Beheyt, Belgium
1964 Sallanches, France Jan Janssen, Netherlands
1965 San Sebastian, Spain Tom Simpson, UK
1966 Nürburgring, FRG Rudi Altig, FRG
1967 Heerlen, Netherlands Eddy Merckx, Belgium
1968 Imola, Italy Vittorio Adorni, Italy
1969 Zolder, Belgium Harm Ottenbros, Netherlands
1970 Leicester, Great Britain Jean-Pierre Monséré, Belgium
1971 Mendrisio, Switzerland Eddy Merckx, Belgium
1972 Gap, France Marino Basso, Italy
1973 Barcelona, Spain Felice Gimondi, Italy
1974 Montreal, Canada Eddy Merckx, Belgium
1975 Yvoir, Belgium Hennie Kuiper, Netherlands
1976 Ostuni, Italy Freddy Maertens, Belgium
1977 San Christóbal, Venezuela Francesco Moser, Italy
1978 Nürburgring, FRG Gerrie Knetemann, Netherlands
1979 Valkenburg, Netherlands Jan Raas, Netherlands
1980 Sallanches, France Bernard Hinault, France
1981 Prague, Czechoslovakia Freddy Maertens, Belgium
1982 Goodwood, UK Giuseppe Saronni, Italy
1983 Altenrhein, Switzerland Greg LeMond, USA
1984 Barcelona, Spain Claude Criquielion, Belgium
1985 Giavera di Montello, Italy Joop Zoetemelk, Netherlands
1986 Colorado Springs, USA Moreno Argentin, Italy
1987 Villach, Austria Stephen Roche, Ireland
1988 Ronse, Belgium Maurizio Fondriest, Italy
1989 Chambéry, France Greg LeMond, USA
1990 Utsunomiya, Japan Rudy Dhaenens, Belgium
1991 Stuttgart, Germany Gianni Bugno, Italy
1992 Benidorm, Spain Gianni Bugno, Italy
1993 Oslo, Norway Lance Armstrong, USA
1994 Agrigento, Italy Luc Leblanc, France
1995 Duitama, Colombia Abraham Olano, Spain
1996 Lugano, Switzerland Johan Museeuw, Belgium
1997 San Sebastian, Spain Laurent Brochard, France
1998 Valkenburg, Netherlands Oskar Camenzind, Switzerland
1999 Verona, Italy Óscar Freire, Spain
2000 Plouay, France Romans Vainsteins, Latvia
2001 Lisbon, Portugal Óscar Freire, Spain
2002 Zolder/Hasselt, Belgium Mario Cipollini, Italy
2003 Hamilton, Canada Igor Astarloa, Spain
2004 Verona, Italy Óscar Freire, Spain
2005 Madrid, Spain Tom Boonen, Belgium
2006 Salzburg, Austria

World Time-Trial Champions

Year Venue Winner
1994 Catania, Italy Chris Boardman, UK
1995 Paipa-Tunja, Colombia Miguel Indurain, Spain
1996 Lugano, Switzerland Alex Zülle, Switzerland
1997 San Sebastian, Spain Laurent Jalabert, France
1998 Valkenburg, Netherlands Abraham Olano, Spain
1999 Treviso, Italy Jan Ullrich, Germany
2000 Plouay, France Serhiy Honchar, Ukraine
2001 Lisbon, Portugal Jan Ullrich, Germany
2002 Zolder/Hasselt, Belgium Santiago Botero, Colombia
2003 Hamilton, Canada Michael Rogers, Australia
2004 Bardolino, Italy Michael Rogers, Australia
2005 Madrid, Spain Michael Rogers, Australia
2006 Salzburg, Austria

David Millar won the race, but later confessed having used Epogen.
Therefore the UCI decided to grant the title to second-placed Rogers.

Country wins:

  1. Belgium, 25 wins
  2. Italy, 16 wins
  3. France, 8 wins
  4. Netherlands, 7 wins
  5. Spain, 5 wins
  6. Switzerland and United States, 3 wins
  7. Federal Republic of Germany, 2 wins
  8. United Kingdom, Ireland and Latvia, 1 win

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