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William Frederick "Woody" Woodward (born September 23, 1942, in Miami, Florida) is an American former player and general manager in Major League Baseball. He played for the Milwaukee & Atlanta Braves (1963-68) and Cincinnati Reds (1968-71), and was later the general manager of the New York Yankees (1985-88) and Seattle Mariners (1989-99).

A shortstop and second baseman, Woodward in his 880-game career hit for a .236 batting average with one home run and 148 runs batted in. He had an unusual scare near the end of his playing career on September 4, 1971, when a 10-pound sack of flour which had been dropped from an airplane exploded on impact 15 feet away from him in the ninth inning of a game at Dodger Stadium.

He is a cousin of actress Joanne Woodward.


  • "We've figured it out. It will take him 4,189 years to catch Babe Ruth." - teammate Wayne Granger, after Woodward finally hit his first home run in his eighth season

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