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Template:Infobox Swiss University The University of Zurich (in German: Universität Zürich) is the largest university of Switzerland, in the city of Zurich. It was founded on April 29, 1833 with faculties of theology, law, medicine and philosophy. Currently, the University has faculties of theology, arts, science, medicine, veterinary medicine, economics, and law.


The University was founded in 1833 with existing colleges of theology, law and medicine merged together with a new faculty of Philosophy to form the University of Zurich. This was the first University in Europe to be founded by the state rather than a monarch or church. The university allowed women to listen in on philosophy lectures from 1847, and admitted the first female doctoral student in 1866. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was added in 1901, the oldest such faculty in the world. In 1914, The University moved to new premises on Rämistrasse 71, designed by the architect Karl Moser.

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