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Template:Infobox Australian University The University of Queensland (UQ) has its main campus in Brisbane, Queensland, specifically in the suburb of St Lucia. It is the longest-established university in the state. UQ is a member of Australia's "Group of Eight" lobby group and is also a member of the international Universitas 21 organisation.

It was established on December 10 1909, with Sir William MacGregor as first chancellor and was originally situated in Brisbane's CBD. In 1930 the St Lucia campus was purchased using funds donated by James O'Neil Mayne and his sister Mary Emelia Mayne to replace the cramped city campus, which is now home to the Gardens Point campus of the Queensland University of Technology. Locations other than the main campus include UQ Ipswich, and UQ Gatton.

Campus and setting

St Lucia campus.

Situated on a peninsula of the Brisbane River, the university is reachable by CityCat ferry and is seven kilometres from Brisbane's city centre. It is dominated by the Great Court - a large open area surrounded by Art Deco-style sandstone buildings with distinctive gargoyles and includes the heritage-listed Great Court Cloister.

The large campus also includes sporting fields, gardens, duckponds, and cycling tracks. The athletics centre features 21 floodlit tennis courts and Olympic-standard swimming pool, a three-level gymnasium and a multi-purpose indoor centre. The UQ Library is Queensland's largest library with 23 branches and more than 1100 computers, two million research volumes, 13,300 journals and 18,000 electronic journals.

Ipswich campus.

The Ipswich campus, opened in 1999, after State and Federal government backing is the newest campus, made up of nearly 20 buildings and more than 4000 students on nearly 25ha. Courses offered include: arts, business and social sciences as well as Interaction_design.

It is located near central Ipswich, Queensland, just south of the CBD. Nearby landmarks include Limestone Park, The Workshops Railway Museum and the RAAF Base Amberley. The actual site sourrounds the Ipswich Showgrounds and is in turn, sided by a golf course.

The site dates back to 1878 with the opening of the Ipswich branch of the Woogaroo Lunatic Asylum. Operations continued until 1910 when it became the Ipswich Hospital for the Insane. In 1938 it was renamed the Ipswich Mental Hospital and in 1964 it was renamed again as the Ipswich Special Hospital. It was finally named the Challinor Centre in 1968 in honour of Dr. Henry Challinor, the ships surgeon on the Fortitude. From 1968 to 1997 the Challinor Centre served as a training centre for the intellectually disabled. In late 1997 the Challinor Centre began its final stage of evolution as the new UQ Ipswich campus.

This history is reflected today with 17 heritage listed buildings that have been refurbished into work spaces, computer laboritories and public spaces. Work is still underway refurbishing more buildings.

UQ Union

The UQ Union is the incorporated representative body of the students at the University. It is affiliated with the National Union of Students and provides services to students including representation to University and faculty committees, refectories and other catering services, a legal service, financial assistance, administrative counselling and campus activities.


In 2004 the University of Queensland had more than 38,000 students enrolled with 6396 of these international students. Notable alumni include Bill Hayden, Professor Peter Doherty and actor Geoffrey Rush.

The University of Queensland has won more Australian Awards for University Teaching than any other university. It is also noted for developing the HyShot and pioneering a vaccine for cervical cancer.

The Honourable Sir Llewellyn Edwards, AC, is the Chancellor of The University of Queensland and the current Deputy Chancellor is Professor Robert N. Wensley. The Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor are elected by the University Senate. The Vice-Chancellor of the University (effectively the chief executive officer) is appointed by the Senate and the office is currently held by Professor John A. Hay.

The University was ranked the 47th in the World University Ranking in November 2005 published by The Times Higher Education Supplement, climbing two places from 2004. The University was also ranked 40th in top technology universities, 89th in top arts and humanities universities, 29th in the top biomedicine institutions and in the top 25 for social sciences.

Research centres

The University is the site of the following research institutes:

The University is also a partner in the following research centres:

Organisational structure

Steele Building - University of Queensland
File:Forgan Smith Building at the University of Queensland.jpg
Forgan Smith Building - University of Queensland

The University is organised into Faculties, Schools and Departments/Divsions.

  • Faculty of Arts (ARTS)
    • School of English, Media Studies & Art History (EMSAH)
    • School of History, Philosophy, Religion & Classics (HPRC)
    • School of Languages & Comparative Cultural Studies (SLCCS)
    • School of Music
  • Faculty of Biological & Chemical Sciences (BACS)
    • School of Biomedical Sciences (SBMS)
      • Department of Anatomy & Developmental Biology
      • Department of Physiology & Pharmacology
    • School of Integrative Biology (SIB)
      • Department of Botany
      • Department of Zoology and Entomology
    • School of Molecular and Microbial Sciences (SMMS)
      • Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
      • Department of Chemistry
      • Department of Microbiology & Parasitology
  • Faculty of Business, Economics & Law (BEL)
    • School of Economics
    • School of Tourism & Leisure Management (TALM)
    • T.C. Beirne School of Law
    • UQ Business School
  • Faculty of Engineering, Physical Sciences & Architecture (EPSA)
    • School of Engineering (SOE)
      • Division of Chemical Engineering
      • Department of Civil Engineering
      • Division of Environmental Engineering
      • Division of Materials
      • Division of Mechanical Engineering
      • Division of Mining and Minerals Process Engineering
    • School of Geography, Planning and Architecture (GPA)
    • School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ITEE)
    • School of Physical Sciences (SPS)
      • Earth Sciences
      • Department of Mathematics
      • Department of Physics
  • Faculty of Health Sciences (HEALTH)
    • School of Dentistry
    • School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS)
    • School of Human Movement Studies
    • School of Medicine (SOM)
    • School of Nursing
    • School of Pharmacy
    • School of Population Health
  • Faculty of Natural Resources, Agriculture & Veterinary Science (NRAVS)
    • School of Agronomy & Horticulture
    • School of Animal Studies
    • School of Land & Food Sciences (LAFS)
    • School of Natural & Rural Systems Management (NRSM)
    • School of Veterinary Science
  • Faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences (SBS)
    • School of Education
    • School of Journalism & Communication
    • School of Political Science & International Studies (POLSIS)
    • School of Psychology
    • School of Social Science
    • School of Social Work & Applied Human Sciences

Residential Colleges

The University of Queensland has 11 residential colleges with 10 of these located on its St Lucia campus. They are:

  • Cromwell College
  • Duchesne College
  • Emmanuel College
  • Grace College
  • International House
  • King's College
  • St John's College
  • St Leo's College
  • Union College
  • Women's College
  • Gatton Halls of Residence

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