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Template:AZU is the twenty-first letter of the modern Latin alphabet.

U was originally a capital letter like J and it was only Pierre de la Ramée who made the distinction between capital and small letter. See V.

Alternative representations

Uniform represents the letter U in the NATO phonetic alphabet.

In international Morse code the letter U is DitDitDah: · · -

In Braille the letter U is represented as (in Unicode), the dot pattern:



In Unicode the capital U is codepoint U+0055 and the lowercase u is U+0075.

The ASCII code for capital U is 85 and for lowercase u is 117; or in binary 01010101 and 01110101, correspondingly.

The EBCDIC code for capital U is 228 and for lowercase u is 164.

The numeric character references in HTML and XML are "U" and "u" for upper and lower case respectively.

Meanings for U

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