Truncated dodecahedron

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Truncated dodecahedron
Truncated dodecahedron
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Type Archimedean
Faces 20 triangles
12 decagons
Edges 90
Vertices 60
Vertex configuration 3,10,10
Symmetry group icosahedral (Ih)
Dual polyhedron triakis icosahedron
Properties convex, semi-regular (vertex-uniform)

The truncated dodecahedron is an Archimedean solid. It has 12 regular decagonal faces, 20 regular triangular faces, 60 vertices and 90 edges.

Truncated dodecahedron, flat

Canonical coordinates

Canonical coordinates for the vertices of a truncated dodecahedron centered at the origin are (0, ±1/τ, ±(2+τ)), (±(2+τ), 0, ±1/τ), (±1/τ, ±(2+τ), 0), and (±1/τ, ±τ, ±2τ), (±2τ, ±1/τ, ±τ), (±τ, ±2τ, ±1/τ), and (±τ, ±2, ±τ2), (±τ2, ±τ, ±2), (±2, ±τ2, ±τ), where τ = (1+√5)/2 is the golden mean.

Geometric relations

This polyhedra can be formed by taking a dodecahedron and truncating (cutting) off the corners so the pentagon faces become decagons and the corners become triangles.

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