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Touched by an Angel was a television show created by John Masius and Martha Williamson that ran on CBS from September 21, 1994, until April 27, 2003. Though considered by many as a no specific religion related spiritual show, it shared strong Christian values. During its run, it was one of the highest rated shows on CBS.

Touched by an Angel spawned a short lived spin-off, Promised Land. Like some other dramas in the past with concurrent spin-offs, sometimes an episode begun on "Angel" was concluded less than a week later on "Promised Land".


Regular Cast and Character Descriptions

  • Roma Downey - Monica: Monica is the main character of the show. Sweet and tender, this angel was promoted from the Search and Rescue department to become a case worker, to help people, delivering them a message of hope from God. Previous to Search and Rescue, Monica was in annunciations and, like all angels, spent at least some time in the choir in Heaven. However, she does not seem to have a good singing voice, something Monica bemoans more than once.
  • Della Reese - Tess: Tess is Monica´s angelic supervisor. Sometimes tough but always compassionate, she would eventually brighten everyone´s spirits by singing with her melodic voice.
  • John Dye - Andrew: Andrew became an all-episode character in the third season. He is an Angel of Death, that is, one of the angels that take people who die to their eternal fate, heaven or hell. Andrew was also a case worker at one time.
  • Valerie Bertinelli - Gloria: Gloria is an inexperienced angel, because she was created by God during one Monica´s assignments (in the seventh season). She is always learning new things and is very intelligent (and good with technology), but also adds a lot of humor to the show.

Occasional Cast

  • Sam Dalton - Stage Manager
  • Alexis Cruz - Rafael (16 episodes), one of the "specialty angels" called in from time to time
  • Paul Winfield - Sam (13 episodes), a senior supervisor at a rank above Tess
  • Charles Rocket - Adam (10 episodes), another angel currently serving as an angel of death, and who makes two appearances late in the series run.
  • Scott Wilkinson - D.A. John Tipton / Surgeon / others (8 episodes)
  • Randy Travis - Wayne / Jed Winslow (7 episodes)

The show featured different guest actors in every single episode.

Special Guest Stars

Series Premiere

Tess guides Monica on her first assignment as a case worker after being promoted from search and rescue.

Series Finale


The series finale shows Monica, who is up for promotion, defending Zack, an innocent drifter accused of blowing up a school full of children. The prosecutor is actually the Devil, played by David Ogden Stiers. Despite Monica's best efforts, Zack is convicted.

Visiting him in the prison, Monica offers herself to be his guardian angel for the rest of his life, protecting him from the dangers of the federal prison.

Later the citizens find out the truth: it was the prosecutor who blew up the school and framed Zack. Monica makes the citizens see that there's still hope to rebuild the life in the town and helps them to free themselves of the anger.

Before Zach can be sent to jail, however, he disappears. Monica then finds out that Zack was actually Jesus. Defending Him was a test, and she succeeds: according to His words, "There's no greater love than to give your life away for someone else." This is a strong and powerful Gospel message. Monica is finally promoted.


  • The show was cancelled during its first season. It was brought back the next year after the fans staged a letter-writing campaign.
  • John Masius's original pilot script was much darker than that which was eventually shown on TV (In the original pilot, Tess was a chain-smoking angel who was frequently at Monica's throat.)

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