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Science fiction and other related fields of fiction are often set in the future, or at least involve events in times that have not yet occurred. This list is a chronological collection of significant events from various works of such fiction. It includes some events that were set in the future when the fiction containing them was first written but which have now been overtaken by real history, becoming a form of alternate history or failed prediction in the process.

It is rarely true that science fiction writers are seriously attempting prediction - the needs of the story are usually the primary concern, and science fiction stories are often more about the present in which they are written than the future in which they are supposedly set.

Nevertheless, below are some notable fictional visions of the-future-that-never-was-and-probably-won't-be. See also: Timeline of Star Trek, Apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic science fiction, Timeline of fictional historical events, and Timeline of fictional contemporary events.


19th century

20th century

  • 1966
    • After stopping in the middle of World War I, and then traveling through World War II, the Time Traveler encounters a nuclear explosion in this year in George Pal's version of The Time Machine.
    • After three decades of global war, a great plague wipes out most of the people on Earth. (Things to Come)
  • 1973
    • Astronaut George Taylor and three other volunteers depart Earth from Cape Kennedy on an important mission 3,000 years into the future. Some months after, another astronaut, Michael Brent, takes off from Earth in an attempt to find his colleague. Weeks later, Taylor's ship returns from the future with three talking apes (one of which is killed almost immediately). After discovering Earth's future fate, the President orders the two surviving apes, Cornelius and Zira captured. Ultimately, a police officer murders them, and the investigation files are ordered sealed (according to the first three Planet of the Apes movies)
  • 1984
    • April - Winston Smith, a secretly rebellious file clerk in the Ministry of Truth, is arrested and tortured by Big Brother (Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell and its two film versions)
    • The first T-800 series Terminator arrives, sent back in time by Skynet in an attempt to prevent the birth of resistance leader John Conner by killing his mother Sarah before he is even conceived. The John Connor of 2029 sends Kyle Reese back to defend Sarah from the Terminator. He knows that Reese, though doomed, will fall in love with his mother and is, in fact, his father(The Terminator).
  • 1996
    • The Eugenics Wars end (Star Trek episode Space Seed)
    • The New Order Nation take control of the US and ban music (Revolution X video game)
    • John Spartan and Simon Phoenix are frozen as Cryocons(Demolition Man)
    • June 6 - Lucifer-Alpha, a chemical weapon under development in the Chernoton Research Facility in Russia, is released into the atmosphere, killing 80% of the Eurasian population. It takes ten years for the virus to mutate into a non-lethal form. (Snatcher)
  • 1997
    • Events of Escape from New York.
    • Los Angeles is terrorized by an alien hunter in Predator 2.
    • August 4 - Skynet goes online
    • August 29 - Human civilization is destroyed by Skynet (The Terminator; Terminator 2: Judgment Day. - Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the first sequel released after 1997, claimed that the advent of Skynet had been delayed, but not prevented, by the events of the first two movies)
    • October 1 - The event setting in motion the storyline of the classic NES game Crystalis occurs: "The End Day. Savage war engulfs the world ... civilization is destroyed. An evolution had taken place. The earth's axis shifted, and all creatures became mutated. Life would never be the same. Those surviving vowed not to repeat the mistakes of the past and erected a great tower in the sky to oppress evil forever..."
    • October 16 The Robinson family departs from earth aboard the Jupiter II space craft and becomes Lost In Space.
    • November 5 - The first recorded appearance of the mysterious terrorist known as "Codename V" in Westminster, London. During the next year he launches a series of elaborate attacks against the fascist regime (which had ruled England since the nuclear war of 1988), causing increasing confusion and instability, which ultimately brings the regime down (V for Vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd).
    • In the 2001 book HAL 9000 is activated.

21st century

  • 200X
    • Year in which the "Digimon Tamers" takes place.
    • Years in which the NES Megaman video game series take place.
  • 2003
    • April 7 - Astro Boy created
    • April - Digimon Emperor begins his conquest of the Digital World. Three new Digidestined are chosen. The Digidestined begin their fight against the Digimon Emperor. The events of Digimon season 2 begins.
  • 2008
    • Five astronauts depart Earth on a one-way mission to Titan aboard a vessel cobbled together from aging Apollo hardware and a Shuttle orbiter.
  • 2012
    • In an underground bunker in Utah, a Dalek, the last of its race, gets loose and kills 200 people before it is stopped (Doctor Who - Dalek)
    • December 21 - All of time and space collapses as the universe (of which we are merely fragments) attains self-consciousness and expands into the Supercontext. All events that happen after this occur in the minds of humanity rather than in an objective consensus reality.(The Invisibles)
    • December 22 - Alien colonisation begins on Earth. (The X-Files)
  • 2013
    • Events of Escape from L.A.
    • The Policenauts, a group of specially-trained policemen, are formed in order to secure the colonists in Beyond Coast. The "original cops" (as they've been nicknamed by the public) consisted of Jonathan Ingram and Ed Brown from the LAPD, Salvatore Toscanini from the NYPD, Joseph Sadaoki Tokugawa from the Tokyo MPD and Gatse Becker from Scotland Yard. Later, Jonathan disappears after a space-walking accident with the EMPS prototype Yuri and is presumed dead.
    • Discovery of the Global Liberation Army. (Command & Conquer: Generals).
  • 2020
    • Arno Stark, the future wearer of the Iron Man armor, travels back in time to battle Spider-Man.
    • Machine Man is rebuilt and reactivated by rebels against the corporations who rule the world.
  • 2022
    • New York City has become overpopulated with 40 million starving citizens. (Soylent Green)
  • 2029
    • A T-800 is sent back in time to kill Sarah Connor in The Terminator.
    • Pericles, Capt. Davidson and the Oberon space station are pulled into an electromagnetic storm and disappear. (Planet of the Apes)
  • 2035
    • On the eve of man's first flight to the moon, an uprising against progress becomes violent. (Things to Come)
  • 2037
    • Jonathan Ingram is miraculously discovered alive, thanks to the cold-sleep module in the Yuri suit, preserving his youth as well. After a year of rehabilitation, Jonathan stays on earth and forms a private investigation agency. (Policenauts)
  • 2038
    • Launch of the 7th Macross Battleship that will travel to the center of the Milky Way. (Macross 7)
  • 2044
    • Frank Hollister apparently wins the 'Mr Fat Bastard' award in this year. A possible setting of Red Dwarf before the radiation accident.1
    • The 17th Siberian Investigative Force finds amnesiacs Gillian and Jamie Seed in the Siberian Neutral Zone. (Snatcher)
    • December 22: SRS Flight 4003 crashes in the Rocko Mountain range. One body is initially identified as computer instructor Rick Sawamura, but is later discovered to be a heretofore unknown type of bioroid. (Snatcher)
    • December 29: Neo-Kobe's Mayor O'Connor asks the countries of the world to investigate the strange bioroids, but investigation proves fruitless. (Snatcher)
  • 2045
    • February 18: The bioroid that replaced Mayor O'Connor is captured, but self-destructs during transport. The bioroids are later dubbed "Snatchers" by the media. (Snatcher)
    • The band Fire Bomber performs their first live concert with Mylene Jenius. (Macross 7)
  • 2046
    • December: Neo-Kobe experiences "Bioroid Panic." An anti-Snatcher task force is formed. Over 5,000 die in witch-hunts, and the mayor requests that all citizens submit to testing. The panic spreads throughout Japan by the end of the year. (Snatcher)
  • 2047
    • April 20: Japanese government passes the "Snatchers and the Protection of Civil Rights" bill, requiring a warrant for Bioroid tests.
    • May: The Rug-Hunt organization is formed to study the Snatchers.
    • August: Rug-Hunt and the Anti-Snatcher task force merge and become JUNKER (Japanese Undercover Neuro-Kinetic Elimination Rangers).
    • Mid-October: Snatchers begin actively hunting down JUNKERs. At least three are killed in October alone, one is left brain-dead, and the entire Descartes family is massacred.
    • November: A well-known KBC newscaster, a Yakuza mob boss, a prominent religious figure, and a former biotechnology firm president are revealed to be Snatchers.
    • December: The Japanese government quarantines Neo-Kobe due to the increasing Snatcher problem.
  • 2048
    • Earth attacks the aliens' home at the center of the galaxy using an enormous black hole bomb. The bomb is too damaged to go off, and Gunbuster restarts it with one of its engine cores, causing it to take 12000 years getting back home. (Gunbuster)
  • 2062
    • The cartoon series The Jetsons, was originally set in 2062. This is because the series first aired in 1962, and the show was a prediction of what life would be like a hundred years in the future. Jetsons: The Movie(1990) states that The Jetsons is set "Late in the 21st century." Note that no precise date has ever been stated in any episode.
  • 2071
    • The crew of the ship Bebop travel around the Solar System, trying to catch "bounty-heads." (Cowboy Bebop)
  • 2082
    • Falkenburg's Mercenary Legion is formed and begins first operations on Hadley. (CoDominium)
  • 2087
    • Professor Trillias Backtein develops a method of travelling faster than light, the Subspace Warp System, which enables interstallar travel. ("Star Ocean")
      • To commemorate this event, 2087 was designated the first year of the new system of dates, S.D.

22nd century

  • 2110
    • CoDominium Fleet swear allegiance to Sparta. CoDominium
  • 2112
    • Man tries to revive the guitar in colorless totalitarian society, commits suicide after failure.(Rush's 2112 (album))
  • 2156
    • Arnold Rimmer is kept back a year in an alternative universe. Being a foot taller than the rest of his classmates makes him buckle down and learn inner strength. He becomes Ace Rimmer. In another universe, Rimmer carries on through his life and becomes a snivelling coward. (Red Dwarf)
  • 2182
    • Arnold Rimmer fails to fix a drive plate on the mining ship Red Dwarf. A cadmium II radiation blast kills him and 1,167 people. The only survivor is Dave Lister, who is in stasis.1
  • 2196
    • Privately owned high mobile battleship Nadesico launches on the mission to rescue survivors of the Jovian invasion of Mars. (Martian Successor Nadesico)
  • Late 22nd Century/Early 23rd Century
    • 5 Gundams are launched from the colonies to Earth to fight the oppressive UESA and OZ. Possible setting for the Gundam Wing series.

23rd century

  • 2215
    • New Earth Government is formed to battle Skaarj Empire (Unreal series of PC games)
  • 2216
    • During the '7 Day Siege' the Skaarj surround Earth. In a bold move, NEG commandos destroy the Skaarj mother ship, causing the Skaarj to retreat in disarray. (Unreal series of PC games)
  • 2219
    • Following the Human/Skaarj war, many of Earth's cities lay in ruins. When the New Earth Government attempted to assert its authority over these areas, they were confronted by many rebel groups, often covertly financed by the great corporations, which had established bases in the destroyed cities.(Unreal series of PC games)
  • 2241
    • "Strider Wars" are won by sacrificing a planetary colony. The colony is disguised to look like a major control center and as it is attacked, is detonated, destroying the planet and the invading Strider forces. The architect of this victory, a young female officer with power beyond her years leaves the military, unable to reconcile her feelings over the incident. Records indicate she joined the Terran Colonial Authority as intelligence officer aboard a Marshal's patrol vessel.(Unreal series of PC games)
  • 2251
    • Leaked classified data files indicate that an incident occurred on the outer rim of human space. Ancient artifacts are found, initiating inter-corporation warfare and the reemergence of the Skaarj, eager to claim whatever power the artifacts held. Although most details are still highly classified, it seems that a TCA Marshal was involved in destroying the artifacts and preventing the awakening of an ancient power that could have spelled disaster (Unreal series of PC games).
  • 2254
    • Space station Babylon 4 disappears shortly after construction is finished.
  • 2257-2262
    • The events of Babylon 5, starting with the attempted assassination of Vorlon ambassador Kosh upon his arrival on the station.
  • 2260
    • During the mostly covert Corporation Wars, Izanagi Corporation's research facility on Lamdon 3 was destroyed by a strike force from the Axon Research Corporation, despite the protection of the NEG ThunderCrash force. Axon was able to not only destroy the facility, but also retrieve the advanced plasma ion tank under development there.(Unreal series of PC games)
  • 2267
    • The events of Crusade, starting with the release of the Drakh plague into the atmosphere of Earth.
  • 2267
    • In the Green's World Rebellion, three thousand miners revolt against harsh working conditions.(Unreal series of PC games)
  • 2276
    • Stolen "Nexus" prototype missiles are recovered by the NEG military in a daring raid on a Hellion convoy on the surface of Taron. This missile was later used in colonial suppression.(Unreal series of PC games)
  • 2283
    • The infamous AI uprising on LBX-7683 (metallic asteroid in the Erican cluster) resulted in a massive loss of human life. Rebelling against the humans, robotic workers and battle droids mutinied and claimed their home as their own sovereign world. The previous owners of LBX-7683, the Liandri Corporation sent in a small tactical squad. The squad penetrated the robots' prime facility, destroying the central AI generators and preventing the machines from replicating themselves. A group of the sentient machines were inserted into a stasis matrix and were later reprogrammed for corporate purposes. The leader of the robot force, Xan Kriegor resisted memory wiping but succumbed to reprogramming.(Unreal series of PC games)
  • 2291
    • 'Consensual murder' is legalized, opening the way for a previously underground event - the "Tournament" to go mainstream. Mining companies had long been running small leagues and matches to channel aggression. Liandri Mining Corporation begins to tri-cast the fights. Xan Kriegor is the first champion of the Liandri Tournament, which quickly becomes viewed as the defacto human space championship. Xan was already legendary because of his success in the long-running (but not legally sanctioned) tournaments on the mining worlds. He leads the Liandri Corporation sponsored team - "The Corrupt".(Unreal series of PC games)
  • 2291
    • Klingon diplomats launch a peace initiative toward the United Federation of Planets, following the disastrous explosion of the energy facility on Praxis. This leads to the Khimoter Accords and peace between the Empire and the UFP. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country)
  • 2293
    • Malcolm - a human - unseats Xan, and becomes one of the "Great" champions of the Tournament. A huge media figure, Malcolm is hailed as the biggest star in human history and is worshipped as a god. His success nets great rewards for his sponsoring corporation, attracting the attention of jealous rivals both in the arenas of the Tournament and in the corridors of power a galaxy away. Xan is returned to the Liandri Corporation for upgrades.(Unreal series of PC games)

24th century

  • 23XX
    • Events of Mega Man Zero series. This was originally thought to take place in the 2200s, but the 22XX setting of Mega Man X: Command Mission retconned it forward. Zero is said to have been in stasis for 100 years at the start of the Zero series.
  • 2302
    • The gene-boosted monster - Gorge - defeats Malcolm in a brutal contest and is named champion of the Tournament. The aging Sniper Rifle (a relic of centuries past) is removed from the Tournament as is "Assault" - a team-based event that forms a part of the competition. Many fans of the Tournament complain at these changes, with some combatants refusing to participate in the new format. (Unreal series of PC games)

  • 2303
    • The most anticipated tournament ever takes place, with three former champions (Xan, Malcolm, and Gorge) each captaining a team. Vehicles are introduced to Tournament combat. The Hellions, eager to prove themselves as mercenaries for hire, enter the Tournament in hopes of securing new contracts. Xan has received upgrades and is deadlier than ever. He is also backed by a team of combat droids from LBX-7683. An updated Sniper Rifle is added to the weapon roster, along with several other weapons designed for the larger outdoor combat environments of the new Onslaught and returning Assault events.(Unreal series of PC games)
  • 2307
    • Ricky Oates driven insane by 'jaunting' awake (The Jaunt by Stephen King)
  • 2311
    • The Tomed Incident occurs, between the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire. Several thousand beings on both sides die. The Romulans enter a period of isolationism, although several clashes occur with the Klingon Empire. (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • 2358
    • The Yma Orbistar "Starfish" enters orbit around Darwin IV. (Expedition)
  • 2366
    • Barlowe publishes his account of the expedition to Darwin IV.

25th century

26th century

  • 2520
    • A botched first contact between the Earth Empire and the Draconian Empire leads to a short but bloody war that results in millions of dead. A peace treaty is negotiated and a frontier established between the two interstellar powers, but a cold war lasts for years afterward (Doctor Who - Frontier in Space).
  • 2526
    • Earth is lost to humanity, and is renamed Lost Jerusalem. (Xenogears)
    • A conference is held on Earth to unite the systems of humanity in a war against the Cybermen. The Cybermen's attempt to disrupt this conference is foiled by the Fifth Doctor, but his companion Adric is killed (Doctor Who - Earthshock).
  • 2540
    • Raids on cargo ships, apparently by both sides, threaten to start a new war between the Draconian and Earth Empires. However, when it is revealed that the Daleks are responsible, the two empires form an alliance to battle the Daleks (Doctor Who - Frontier in Space).

27th century

  • 2624
    • Dr. Krupp develops Gravitic Warp, which enables travel at speeds far greater than those possible via subspace warp. ("Star Ocean")
      • The date is represented as S.D. 537 in the Star Ocean timeline.
  • 2640
    • Battle of Sauron. Empire of Man falls apart afterwards. CoDominium
  • 2688
    • A guru named Rufus uses a time machine to help Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan of the late 1980s to earn a passing grade on a high school history report, as their rock band "Wyld Stallions" holds the key to world peace. (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure)

28th century

29th century

30th century

31st century

  • 3000s
    • Current setting of the Legion of Super-Heroes (Note: the Legion stories are set 1000 years after the "present day", and the exact period changes with the DC Universe floating timeline).
    • By this century, time travel is commonplace. In one alternate future (later cancelled), Earth has long been devastated by an undisclosed conflict. (Star Trek: Enterprise episode, "Shockwave").
    • Ulysses kills the giant cyclops when he rescues the children and his son, Telemachus. The ancient gods of Olympus are angry and threaten a terrible revenge. (Ulysses 31)
    • The decline and eventual end of the Earth Empire, as Earth's various colonies break away from it (Doctor Who - The Mutants).
  • 3017
    • New Chicago Revlot. First Contact. Beginning of the events in "The Mote in God's Eye". CoDominium
  • 3028
    • Earth is destroyed by the Drej. Surviving humans drift throughout the galaxy. (Titan A.E.)
  • 3050
    • First appearance of The Clans in the Periphery of the Inner Sphere (Battletech)

33rd century

  • 3235
    • The year given as the setting in some Sonic The Hedgehog comics by Archie Comics. (However, recent issues have presented conflicting dates, ranging from 5000 to 12000, with 10000 and 12000 being the most frequently mentioned.)

35th century

  • 3460
    • Ron Brent arrives in this time. He is accompanied by a tribe of primitive humans, names a little girl "Nova", and later lives alone in Hidden Valley. (Return to the Planet of the Apes)

40th century

41st century

  • 4015-4085?
    • Setting of Star Runerz by Nick Hollard In which Damian Quan And his crew battle the evil at work behinde the Terroristian Army of Scrois

49th century

51st century

52nd century

61st century

  • 6000s
    • The events of the video game series Xenosaga begin. Due to the vagueness of the times given in the game ('20xx' followed by '4000 years in the future'), it is possible the events cross over into the 62nd century.
  • 6041
    • Machinery rules the galactic universe, with humanoids and conscious robots in control, the human race is reduced to a state of apathy (TV version of Dune)

62nd century

  • 6100s
    • The Great Revolt, a human rebellion against the machines, forcing human beings to use their minds for development and breeding; this leads to the formation of mental training schools and the discovery of the spice Melange, both of which would be the turning point for the human race (TV version of Dune)

64th century

Distant future

  • 7277
    • The Zohar Modifier is integrated into System Deus. The experiment testing System Deus goes wrong, causing the tested planet, Miktam04B, to be destroyed. It is during this experiment that The Wave Existence is pulled from its higher dimension and trapped into the Zohar Modifier. (Xenogears)
    • Abel faces the Zohar Modifier, his desire for a mother making the Modifier instantly create a human female in Kadomony. Deus later inserts his own program into the female, creating The Mother. (Xenogears)
    • The Elridge, carrying System Deus, is forced to crash into a unknown world due to Deus' sudden reactivation. The Mother is ejected from Kadomony.(Xenogears)
  • ~10,000
    • Man's reign on Earth is believed to be finished (the song In The Year 2525)
    • North Central Positronics is a very popular provider of mental enhancement. (mentioned once in The Dark Tower)
    • The corrupt and decadent Empire of Earth is defeated by computer minds created by a group of teenegers, who later became the Titans. The Butlerian Jihad
  • 12,090
  • 14,292
    • July 6-Noriko and Amano return home in the Gunbuster. Earth appears to be dead, but lights up into an enormous "WEΓCOME HOME" as they enter orbit.
  • 23,391 ± 400 (10,191 years after the formation of the Spacing Guild)
  • 28,702
    • The first human vessel - a small surface lander, the "Atlantean" - makes planet-fall on Rubi-Ka. It is immediately followed by a second lander, the "Rimor". Both surveyor vessels have been commissioned by the Omni-Tek Corporation. (Anarchy Online)
  • 29,475
    • Illegal restrictions on colonisation are lifted after prolonged ICC objections. Rival corporations are now allowed to transport passengers to and from Rubi-Ka. Ships in orbit immediately begin to transport new colonists to the surface. The population mushrooms overnight, causing logistical problems and chaos. The Rubi-Kan infrastructure is unprepared for the massive influx of colonists. (Anarchy Online)
  • 200,000
    • The period of the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire. Earth is at its height, covered with megacities, with five moons and a population of 96 billion, the centre of a galactic domain that covers a million worlds and a million species. However, its development is retarded for 91 years by the manipulations of news space station Satellite 5, until it is put back on track by the Ninth Doctor (Doctor Who - The Long Game).
  • 200,100
    • One hundred years on from The Long Game, mankind's development is still being obstructed, this time being kept docile by the watching of hundreds of deadly game shows produced by the Badwolf Corporation (Doctor Who - Bad Wolf).
  • 505th century
    • Solaris the Tyrant Sun unleashes a cancer plague, forcing the current Superman to sacrifice his life in rewriting Solaris' programming. ("DC One Million")
  • 700th century
    • The original Superman returns to Earth, forges a covenant with his descendants and retreats to the inner core of the Sun. ("DC One Million")
  • ~1,000,000
    • The Solar System is destroyed as the Human race leaves its cradle for the last time (Babylon 5).
    • In an alternate future where the sun has turned red, Earth has been long abandoned by its natives due to the Earth's oceans and other sources of water completely evaporating. Superman, powerless because of the red sun, is stranded here for a time when tricked into traveling into the far future by the Superman Revenge Squad. Eventually, Superman returns to the 20th century. (Action Comics #300)
    • In a possible future, a cyborg version of Charles Montgomery Burns recovers his long-lost teddy bear Bobo. (The Simpsons)
  • ~2,008,000
    • The powerful wizards Avatar and Blackwolf battle for the fate of the world. (Wizards)
  • ~3,002,182
    • Dave Lister released from stasis. He is the last human being alive. His companions are a hologram of his dead bunkmate, a senile computer and a life form that evolved from a cat he smuggled aboard. Events of Red Dwarf.1
  • ~10,000,000
    • The 57th Segment of Time, when solar activity wipes out all life on Earth. Refugees of humanity leave for the planet Refusis (Doctor Who - The Ark).
  • ~30,000,000
    • The Time Traveler finds a world in which all intelligent life is wiped out, the day/night sequence has vanished and the earth is about to be frozen by an eclipse (H.G. Wells' The Time Machine).
  • 50,000,000
    • After humanity's final extinction, an insect-like race arises on Earth and becomes the dominant species. They are possessed by the Great Race of Yith, who have been forced to leave their previous home on a planet near Taurus. At some point in the future, this race will also die out, and the Yithians will be forced to relocate again to Mercury, taking over the bodies of a plant-race living there. (H.P. Lovecraft)
  • 400,000,000,000
    • Commander Höek and Cadet Stimpy begin their 36-year mission to the Crab Nebula. (Ren and Stimpy)
  • Simulation of 1912 Earth inside a giant computer
    • Europe and parts of Africa and Asia disappear and are replaced by an primeval continent (Darwinia (novel)).
  • "1993"
    • The Red Dwarf crew travels into the far distant future to a point after the Universe has begun collapsing towards a Big Crunch, causing time to run backwards until it is the equivalent of 1993 on Earth again (or 3991, as the locals write it). They spend three weeks in Nodnol (London backwards). In the novel Backwards, they arrive to collect Lister in Niagara Falls in the year 9891 (1989).

The end of time

  • The Restaurant at the End of the Universe in the novel by Douglas Adams.
  • The Inquisitor decides there is no afterlife or god, and that the only purpose in existence is to lead a worthwhile life. So, he constructs a time machine to judge every person in history. (Red Dwarf)
  • The guru Gaspar and the God of War, Spekkio, await the ones who will slay Lavos and it's spawn. (Chrono Trigger) (However, the timeline of Chrono Trigger is completely independent of our Earth's)
  • A entirely artificial world remains inhabited by a few people (Michael Moorcock, The Dancers at the End of Time).
  • The Legion of Super-Heroes' enemy, the Time Trapper, lives at the end of time.
  • Dagor Dagorath: Morgoth once again tries to invade Arda, and the Valar engage in a massive battle with him, summoning everyone who ever existed in middle earth to their aid. Turin Turumbar kills Morgoth, and Illuvatar unmakes the world.

Beyond the end of time

  • Climax of Isaac Asimov's story The Last Question. The end of time itself is said to be ten trillion years in the future, and the climax of the story occurs even later, after a "timeless interval".


1Perhaps conscious of the slow development of Earth's space programme, several different dates have been given in Red Dwarf for the time from which Lister and Rimmer originate. In the early television series the dates 2044 and 2077 are both given. The first novel, published after the second season was transmitted, gives dates in the 22nd century. In the fourth season Dave Lister states he is "an enlightened 23rd century guy."