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Album cover of Bridge of Spies by T'Pau

T'Pau was a late-1980s rock group who originated from the towns of Shrewsbury and Wellington in central England. They had a string of top 20 hits in the UK, and several hits in the United States and Europe. The band took their name from a Star Trek character and formed in 1986.

The band members included:

  • Carol Decker - Vocals/Songwriter
  • Ron Rogers - Rhythm guitar/Songwriter
  • Tim Burgess - Percussion
  • Michael Chetwood - Keyboards
  • Paul Jackson - Bass

T'Pau's first hit was the 1987 single "Heart and Soul", which reached Number 4 in both the UK and US charts. The following year, the band had their biggest hit with the ballad "China in Your Hand," which spent five weeks at Number One in the UK charts and also claimed the top slots in several European countries, although the song made little impact on the US charts.

They had a number of smaller hits which made it to at least the UK Top 20, including the singles "Valentine", "Sex Talk", "I Will Be With You", and "Secret Garden".

Their 1987 album Bridge of Spies (the album was called T'Pau in the US) won the best album and single award at the 1988 British record industry awards, and was a best seller.

The band failed to maintain their success and split in 1991, but Decker reformed the band with a new lineup in 1998 and T'Pau have in recent years attempted a comeback.

In May 2005, Carol Decker reached the final round of the ITV show Hit Me Baby One More Time, singing the T'Pau hit China In Your Hand.

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