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Shreeram Shankar Abhyankar (born 1930) is an Indian mathematician known for his contributions to singularity theory. He is Marshall Distinguished Professor of Mathematics and Professor of Computer Science and Industrial Engineering at Purdue University, Indiana, USA. He earned his B.Sc., in Bombay in 1951, his A.M. at Harvard in 1952, and his Ph.D. at Harvard in 1955.

He is a fellow of the Indian Academy of Science and an editorial board member of the Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics. He has won numerous awards and honors.

He was a student of Oscar Zariski. Before going to Purdue, he was an associate professor of mathematics at Cornell University and went to Purdue as a full professor. He was appointed Marshall Distinguished Professor of Mathematics in 1967.

His research areas of interest include algebraic geometry (particularly singularity theory), commutative algebra, local algebra, theory of functions of several complex variables, quantum electrodynamics, circuit theory, invariant theory, combinatorics, computer-aided design, and robotics.

His current research is in the area of computational geometry and algorithmic algebraic geometry.

On 29 October 1998, Professor Abhyankar was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree (Docteur Honoris Causa) by the University of Angers in France.