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Shinzon is a fictional character from the Science Fiction universe of Star Trek. He was played by Tom Hardy in the movie Star Trek: Nemesis (Jude Law and Michael Shanks had also auditioned for the role).


Shinzon was the chief antagonist in the movie Star Trek: Nemesis, set in 2379, in which he led a coup d'état of the Romulan Senate, becoming Praetor, and then attempted to destroy Earth, the center of the United Federation of Planets.

Shinzon was a clone of Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation and later movies. Shinzon was created by the Romulans with the intent of replacing Picard and using the clone to bring about the downfall of the Federation. The plan was soon abandoned when a new government came to power who feared that if he was discovered it would lead to war, and Shinzon was sent to work the mines on Remus, the twin planet of Romulus where he was rescued by a Reman who became his Viceroy.

During the Dominion War, Shinzon led the Reman forces to victory against Dominion forces several times. However, he was not happy with the Federation/Romulan alliance that formed during the war. In 2379 the Romulan Senate was briefly overthrown in a Reman coup led by Shinzon. The Praetor and the Romulan Senate were killed by thalaron radiation which emanated from a handheld device. Shinzon became Praetor and the Remans took over the Romulan Senate. However, the cloning process that had created Shinzon was killing him, and he required a fresh infusion of DNA from Captain Picard to stay alive.

Shinzon decided to fulfill his destiny by assembling his forces and building a new starship, the Scimitar, which was the most powerful and fastest of its time. It also carried a new type of cloaking device which rendered it completely undetectable by contemporary technology. It also carried 52 disruptor banks and 27 photon torpedo bays. Picard described it as "a predator". In this vessel, Shinzon and the Remans met Captain Picard and his crew from the Enterprise-E during a diplomatic mission to Romulus; prior to this, Picard had no knowledge of his doppelgänger.

Shinzon would later meet his death aboard the Scimitar when battling with Picard in which his last words are: "Our destiny is complete". Picard was about to sacrifice himself by firing his phaser into the Thalaron radiation generator, but Data came in, put an experimental transporter device on Picard, and sacrificed himself, being ultimately successful in destroying the Scimitar.