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Shandong University is one of the oldest and prestigious universities in China. Shandong University was founded in 1901 and is the second national university established soon after Jingshi University (the Metropolitan University) in the country. Recently, the Ministry of Education approved the university as a "national key comprehensive university". In 2001, it was listed among the 21 national key construction first-class universities.


Situated in Jinan, capital city of Shandong Province, Shandong University covers an area of 3.8 km². The province is located on the east coastal part of China and the lower reach of Yellow River. Not only is it one of the most economically developed coastal provinces in China, but also a major contributor to the ancient Chinese culture — the auspicious birthplace of Qilu culture.

Shandong University consists of 30 colleges and a graduate school. Courses are offered in 9 main academic disciplines: philosophy, economics, law, literature, history, natural sciences, engineering, management, and medicine.

There are 93 undergraduate degree programs, 199 master degree programs, 118 doctoral degree programs, and 9 post-doctorate mobile stations. In addition, there are 7 professional master's degree programs in law, business management, engineering, clinical medicine, public health, dentistry and public administration respectively.

The student population totals to about 90,000, of which 45,000 are full time students, 10,000 are postgraduate students, and nearly 1,000 are international students.

Shandong University embraces an abundance of scientific research facilities, a strong teaching staff, and favorable studying environment. At the university, there exist 34 national, provincial, and ministerial key academic disciplines; 2 national key research labs; 21 provincial and ministerial key research labs; a national engineering and technology promotion center; 10 provincial technology research centers; 3 national basic scientific research and personnel development bases; 3 social science key research bases approved by Ministry of Education; and 3 national fundamental science personnel development bases. The university also has a group of reputed scholars known home and abroad, of which 900 are professors. There are 23 academicians(including adjunct academicians) who are members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Three general hospitals, including Qilu Hospital and 12 teaching hospitals are affiliated with the university. Over 100 experimental labs,teaching and research facilities are well-equipped. The university library houses a collection of over 3,550,000 volumes.

Shandong University is a higher learning institution open to the world. Over the years, Shandong University has established a broad international network for educational cooperation and has signed exchange agreements with over 50 universities from over 40 countries. The university remains active in academic cooperation and exchanges with over 100 educational and research institutions worldwide. The university becomes an important education base for international students. Since 1980, Shandong University has received over 5,000 students from over 50 countries.


  • 1901 Jinan, Shandong Metropolitan University  
  • 1904 Jinan, Shandong Institution of Higher Learning
  • 1911 Jinan, School Of Higher Learning
  • 1914 Jinan, Shandong Provincial Law and Politics College Shandong Provincial Industrial College Shandong Provincial Commercial College
  • 1920 Jinan, Shandong Provincial Medical College Shandong Provincial College of Mineralogy
  • 1924 Qingdao, Qingdao University (Private) 1926 Jinan, Shandong Provincial University
  • 1932 Qingdao, National Shandong University
  • 1938 Sichuan, University Property Protection Committee of National Shandong University
  • 1937-1945 Japanese Invasion Period
  • 1944 Jiangsu, The Huazhong Construction University
  • 1945 Linyi County, Linyi Shandong University
  • 1946 Qingdao, National Shandong University>
  • 1948 Weixian County, the Huadong (East China) University
  • 1951 Qingdao, Shandong University
  • 1956 Qingdao, Qingdao Medical College
  • 1959 Qingdao, Shandong College of Oceanography(now, Ocean University of China, Qingdao)
  • 1958 Jinan, Shandong University
  • 1970 Qufu, The Departments of liberal arts moved to Qufu to build Shandong university, combining with Qufu Teachers College
  • 1970 Tai'an, The Department of Biology moved to Tai'an and became part of the Shandong Agricultural College
  • 1970 Jinan, the Department of Science and the Administration staying at Jinan built into Shandong University of Science and Technology in its present site
  • 1974 Jinan, Shandong University
  • 1984 Weihai, Shandong University Weihai Branch
  • 2000 witnessed the merger of Shandong University with Shandong Medical University and Shandong University of Technology, resulting in the emergence of a new, large scale Shandong University with enhanced strength and expanded academic disciplines.

List of university presidents

  • Tang Shaoyi 1860-1938 First President of Shandong Univ. (Jinan) since 1901
  • Wang Shoupeng 1875-1929 President (acting) of Shandong Univ. (Jinan), 1926-1927
  • Yang Zhensheng 1890-1956 President of National Univ. of Qingdao, since June 1930
  • Zhao Taimu 1889-1968 President of Shandong Univ. (Qingdao), Sept. 1932- June 1936 and 1946-1949
  • Lin Jiqing   President (acting) of Shandong Univ. (Qingdao), since July 1936
  • Hua Gang 1903-1972 President of Shandong Univ. (Qingdao), Feb. 1951-Aug.1955
  • ChaoZhepu 1894-1970President of Shandong Univ. (Qingdao), 1956-1958
  • Cheng Fangwu 1897-1984 President of Shandong Univ. (Jinan), Aug. 1958-Jan.1974
  • Wu Fuheng 1911-2001 President of Shandong Univ., Dec. 1979-June 1984
  • Deng Conghao 1921-1998 President of Shandong Univ., June 1984-Nov. 1986
  • Pan Chengdong 1934-1997 President of Shandong Univ., 1986-1997
  • Zeng Fanren 1941- President of Shandong Univ., Feb. 1998-July 2000  
  • Zhan Tao 1963- President of Shandong Univ., July 2000-NOW 

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