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Template:Infobox Company The Seven Network is Australia's largest television network, avaliable in major markets across Australia. Its parent company and namesake has, in recent years, grown into a diversified media company. Seven's main shareholder is Kerry Stokes, who also owns Australian Capital Equity and subsidiaries such as heavy equipment supplier Westrac.


The network originated as an alliance of stations owned and operated by Fairfax (in Sydney) and The Herald and Weekly Times Ltd (in Melbourne).

The Melbourne station was sold to Fairfax following Murdoch's takeover of H&WT; Fairfax in turn relinquished ownership of the Sydney and Melbourne flagships through the disastrous privatisation by Warwick Fairfax Jr.

The buyer was the Qintex group, controlled by colourful entrepreneur Christopher Skase, a former Australian Financial Review journalist who had leveraged ownership of a small mining company to acquire specialist retail assets (eg the upmarket jeweller Hardy Bros) and then move into property development, notably the three Mirage resorts in Queensland and Hawaii.

Qintex already held a station in Brisbane; following acquisition of the Sydney and Melbourne flagships it purchased stations in other capital cities.

Qintex collapsed ingloriously after an unsuccessful takeover of MGM/UA, the Hollywood studio that has been recurrently bought and sold by Kirk Kerkorian.


While originally focusing on running a television network, Seven has recently diversified into a range of other media areas over the past decade. Below are some of the businesses it has run, or is involved with:


Seven has traditionally been the #2 television network in Australia, trailing Channel Nine. In 2005 Seven has had a major ratings resurgance with assistance from the following overseas programs:

Seven is also renowned for producing top rating Australian productions, some of which include

For full list of Seven programs see:


The Seven Network was once Australia's unopposed home to sport. In 2001 the network ended a 40-year run as AFL football broadcaster when Nine and Ten jointly won the television rights. In the media, it is speculated that Seven will likely regain the rights in the next round of bidding. Channel Seven holds the broadcast rights to the following events:


The Seven Network's news service is called Seven News. Seven News produces the following bulletins/programs:

Seven News also assist in production of:


Callsigns for Seven Network stations in the capital cities:

The Seven Network also owns Seven Queensland, which covers the Regional Queensland market. This market covers the east coast of the state, except for South East Queensland.


Seven Network programming is also carried by the following affiliate networks:

Southern Cross

  • Seven Darwin - Darwin
  • Seven Central - Remote Central and Eastern Australia
  • Southern Cross Tasmania - Tasmania (non-exclusive)
  • Central - Spencer Gulf(non-exclusive)
  • Central - Remote South Australia (non-exclusive)
  • Central - Broken Hill (non-exclusive)


  • Prime - Northern New South Wales
  • Prime - Southern New South Wales
  • Prime - Victoria
  • GWN - Western Australia

WIN Television

  • Prime - Griffith (WIN owns both commercial broadcasters in Griffith - one carries their own programming, the other is a feed from Prime Television)

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