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In mathematics, the term semisimple is used in a number of related ways, within different subjects. The common theme is the idea of a decomposition into 'simple' parts, that fit together in the cleanest way (by direct sum).

  • A semisimple ring or semisimple algebra is one that is semisimple as a module over itself.
  • A connected Lie group is called semisimple when its Lie algebra is; and the same for algebraic groups. Every finite dimensional representation of a semisimple Lie algebra, Lie group, or algebraic group in characteristic 0 is semisimple, i.e., completely reducible, but the converse is not true. (See reductive group.) Moreover, in characteristic p>0, semisimple Lie groups and Lie algebras have finite dimensional representations which are not semisimple. An element of a semisimple Lie group or Lie algebra is itself semisimple if its image in every finite-dimensional representation is semisimple in the sense of matrices.