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This "Sean Paul" is not to be confused with the Atlanta rapper of the same name from The Youngbloodz.

Sean Paul (real name Sean Paul Henriques, born January 8, 1973) is a Jamaican Dancehall singer of Sephardi Jewish, Chinese and African lineage. His voice and style of singing is often compared to Jamaican 1990s dancehall sensation Super Cat.


In 1997, Paul recorded in combination with Spanner Banner on the Jamaican chart-topper, "Ladies Man", through the singer's Sweet Angel Productions. The hit resulted in his embarking on sessions with Jeremy Harding, a little known producer who burst on the scene with his production of Beenie Man's crossover hit, "Who Am I". The producer released the dancehall favourite "Baby Girl", which was followed by the more successful, "Infiltrate". The latter single joined the singer's combination hit in the Jamaican chart.

Sean Paul at MTV Day 2005 in Bologna

A new version of Paul's "Punkie" track from the Dutty Rock album featuring Tego Calderón appeared on a recent (February 2005) Promo Only album. April 2005's Promo Only Caribbean Series album included a new song by Paul ("We Be Burning"). Recently Paul also collaborated with Nina Sky for his song "Touch My Body". Sean Paul has just recently released his new album, "The Trinity." Sean Paul was a feature artist on Beyonce's number one hit, Baby Boy.

He played for the Jamaican national water polo team.




Year Title Chart Positions Album
US Hot 100 US R&B/Hip-Hop US Rap UK Singles Chart
2002 "Gimme the Light" #7 - - #5 Dutty Rock
2003 "Get Busy" #1 - - #4 Dutty Rock
2003 "Like Glue" #13 - - #3 Dutty Rock
2004 "I'm Still in Love With You" (feat. Sasha) #14 - - #6 Dutty Rock
2005 "We Be Burnin'" #6 #17 #6 #2 The Trinity

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