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S Club 7.

S Club 7 was a British pop band created by former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, who rose to fame via their own BBC television program.

The program was a sitcom based around the band members (who played themselves) living together and trying to become famous. The programme changed its name to reflect the location it was set in: Miami 7, LA 7, Hollywood 7 and Viva S Club, set in Spain. During each episode, the members would perform one of the songs from their current album. It was created and partially written by Kim Fuller, who also created and wrote the Spice Girls' movie.They also made a hit with their 2003 film, Seeing Double.

The show also became a big hit in the United States, where it originally aired on Fox Family and later on ABC Family. The series were retitled S Club 7 in Miami, S Club 7 in L.A., S Club 7 in Hollywood and S Club.

The three male members of S Club 7 were arrested in London after being found with a small ammount of cannabis on March 20th 2001. [1] The three individuals were cautioned by police at Charing Cross police station but released without charge.



In March 2002 Paul Cattermole, the eldest male member of the band, announced he was leaving to join Skua, a nu metal band formed by his school-friends, though he remained with S Club 7 until June and continued to date fellow member Hannah Spearitt. The remaining six members stayed together under the name S Club until the release of their movie Seeing Double in April 2003, disbanding later the same month.

Spearritt went on to star in the movie Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London, while Rachel Stevens has enjoyed several solo hit singles.

In the end, the band was a one hit wonder inside the United States with the song, "Never Had a Dream Come True".

S Club Juniors

A contest asking for children to join S Club 7 during a performance at Wembley arena resulted in 9 children forming another band, originally called S Club Juniors. One of them - Connor - left this band early but the others keep the S Club legacy alive to this day under the name of S Club 8. They also had a small role in 'Viva S Club'. Their hits include: One Step Closer, Automatic High, New Direction, Puppy Love and Fool No More.




from S Club

  • "Bring It All Back"
  • "Two In A Million"/"You're My Number One"

from 7

  • "Reach"
  • "Never Had A Dream Come True"

from Sunshine

from Seeing Double

from Best - The Greatest Hits Of S Club 7

  • "Say Goodbye"/"Love Ain't Gonna Wait For You" (as S Club)

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