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Robert Lynn Asprin (born June 28, 1946) is an American science fiction and fantasy author best known for his humorous series.

Biographical Timeline

Asprin's first novel, The Cold Cash War, an expansion of an earlier short story of the same title, was published in 1977.

Over the next few years, he created and edited (with his then-wife, Lynn Abbey) the Thieves World series of shared world anthologies, perhaps one of the first projects of its type. As this series progressed, the Asprins lost control over many of the authors and the series ended in anarchy. In 2002, Lynn Abbey resurrected the series with the novel Sanctuary. A series of graphic novels was published in the mid 1980s, and several of the authors, notably Andrew J. Offutt, Janet Morris and David Drake published novels about their characters.

Also in 1979, Asprin began to chronicle the comic adventures of Skeeve and Aahz in the "MythAdventures" series. These follow a demon who has lost his powers and his inept human apprentice as they travel through a variety of worlds in pursuit of wealth and glory. The Myth series is highly pun-driven.

Some of the early "Myth" novels were adapted as comic books by Phil Foglio and others.

In the 1990s, the "Phule's" novels followed a ragtag space military unit in its own adventures which were reminiscent, in some ways, of Skeeve and Aahz.

Due to a series of personal and financial problems, Asprin stopped publishing in the 1990s. Eventually, these problems were somewhat resolved, and in the late 1990s and early 2000s, he has published several novels in collaboration with authors Peter Heck, Jody Lynn Nye, and Linda Evans: as a result of the conditions of his agreement with the IRS, they receive all income earned from books for which he is credited as sole author, and therefore it is in his own best interest to reduce his role to co-author. These novels include continuations of the "Myth" series and the "Phule" series as well as works in original series.


  • Tambu (1979)
  • The Bug Wars (1979)
  • Mirror Friend, Mirror Foe (1979) (with George Takei)
  • Catwoman (1992) (with Lynn Abbey)


  • Myth
  1. Another Fine Myth (1978)
  2. Myth Conceptions (1980)
  3. Myth Directions (1982)
  4. Hit or Myth (1983)
  5. Myth-ing Persons (1984)
  6. Little Myth Marker (1985)
  7. M.Y.T.H. inc. Link (1986)
  8. Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections (1987)
  9. M.Y.T.H. inc. in Action (1990)
  10. Sweet Myth-tery of Life (1993)
  11. Myth-Ion Improbable (2001)
  12. Something M. Y. T. H. Inc. (2002)
  13. Myth-told Tales (2003) with Jody Lynn Nye
  14. Myth Alliances (2003) with Jody Lynn Nye
  15. Myth-taken Identity (2004) with Jody Lynn Nye
  • Omnibus editions
    1. MYTH Adventures (1984)
    2. Myth Adventures One (1985)
    3. The MYTH-ing Omnibus (1992)
    4. The Second MYTH-ing Omnibus (1992)
    5. M.Y.T.H. Inc. in Action / Sweet Myth-Tery of Life (2002)
    6. M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link / Myth-Nomers and Im-Pervections (2002)
    7. Myth Adventures Three (2002)
    8. Myth-ing Persons / Little Myth Marker (2002)
  1. Duncan and Mallory (1986)
  2. The Bar None Ranch (1987)
  3. The Raiders (1988)
  • Phule's Company
  1. Phule's Company (1990)
  2. Phule's Paradise (1992)
  3. A Phule and His Money (1993) with Peter J. Heck.
  4. Phule Me Twice (2000) with Peter J. Heck.
  5. No Phule Like an Old Phule (2004) with Peter J. Heck.
  1. Time Scout (1995)
  2. Wagers of Sin (1995)
  3. Ripping Time (2000)
  4. The House that Jack Built (2000)
  • Cold Cash
  1. The Cold Cash War (1977)
  2. Cold Cash Warrior (1989) (with Bill Fawcett)


  • Thieves' World
  1. Thieves' World (1979)
  2. Tales of the Vulgar Unicorn (1980)
  3. Shadows of Sanctuary (1981)
  4. Storm Season (1982)
  5. The Face of Chaos (1983)
  6. Wings of Omen (1984)
  7. The Dead of Winter (1985)
  8. Soul of the City (1986)
  9. Blood Ties (1986)
  10. Aftermath (1987)
  11. Uneasy Alliances (1988)
  12. Stealers' Sky (1989)

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