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Paul Coffey (b. June 1 1961, in Weston, Ontario) was a professional ice hockey defenceman in the NHL. Known for his defensive deficiencies, Coffey's scoring prowess amongst defencemen was second only to Bobby Orr in NHL history.

NHL career

Paul Coffey was drafted sixth overall by the Edmonton Oilers in 1980. He played his first seven seasons during the heyday of the Oilers in which he won won three Stanley Cups with them in 1984, 1985 and 1987. After a monetary dispute, Coffey was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1987, where he played four and a half seasons, and won another Stanley Cup in 1991. He was then traded to the Los Angeles Kings where he was re-united with Wayne Gretzky and would play for half of two seasons.

After his brief stint with L.A., was traded to the Detroit Red Wings where he played for four and a half seasons and enjoyed moderate success. He was then traded to the Hartford Whalers. But before he could even get halfway into the season, he was dealt to the Philadelphia Flyers. He played for Philadelphia for a season and a half before being traded to the Chicago Black Hawks. After a very brief stint (10 games) in Chicago, he was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes, where he played one and a half seasons. He would play his final season in Boston, with the Boston Bruins. Paul Coffey retired in 2000 with a very impressive 396 goals, 1135 assists, and 1531 points.

Statistics and facts

  • Paul Coffey's best season was 1985-86, when he had 138 points. This is the second highest score for a defenceman ever, trailing only Bobby Orr's record of 139 points in the 1970-71 season.
  • In the 1985-86 season, Coffey set a record for most goals by a defenceman with 48 (Orr is the second highest scorer with 46). That record still stands today.
  • He won the Norris Trophy for best defenceman in 1985, 1986, and 1995.
  • He was part of 4 Stanley Cup champion teams in 1984 (Edmonton Oilers), 1985 (Edmonton Oilers), 1987 (Edmonton Oilers), and 1991 (Pittsburgh Penguins).
  • His 1531 career points make him the second highest scoring defenceman of all time, next to Ray Bourque.
  • One of the best defencemen of all time, renowned for his excellent skating ability and speed on the ice. In 2004, Paul Coffey was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame.
  • In 2005, his jersey was retired by the Edmonton Oilers.
  • He is currently the owner of a Toyota dealership named Paul Coffey's Bolton Toyota in Bolton, Ontario.


  • 1980 - OHA Second All-Star Team
  • 1982 - NHL Second All-Star Team
  • 1982 - Played in NHL All-Star Game
  • 1983 - NHL Second All-Star Team
  • 1983 - Played in NHL All-Star Game
  • 1984 - NHL Second All-Star Team
  • 1984 - Canada Cup All-Star Team
  • 1984 - Played in NHL All-Star Game
  • 1985 - James Norris Memorial Trophy
  • 1985 - NHL First All-Star Team
  • 1985 - Played in NHL All-Star Game
  • 1986 - James Norris Memorial Trophy
  • 1986 - NHL First All-Star Team
  • 1986 - Played in NHL All-Star Game
  • 1988 - Played in NHL All-Star Game
  • 1989 - NHL First All-Star Team
  • 1989 - Played in NHL All-Star Game
  • 1990 - NHL Second All-Star Team
  • 1990 - Played in NHL All-Star Game
  • 1991 - Played in NHL All-Star Game
  • 1992 - Played in NHL All-Star Game
  • 1993 - Played in NHL All-Star Game
  • 1994 - Played in NHL All-Star Game
  • 1995 - James Norris Memorial Trophy
  • 1995 - NHL First All-Star Team
  • 1996 - Played in NHL All-Star Game
  • 1997 - Played in NHL All-Star Game

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