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Template:Infobox Company The Nine Network is an Australian television network, available in major markets across Australia.


Nine own many stations in Australia, but they also own shares in stations outside of Australia:

On Air


Channel Nine is Australia's highest rating television network. In 2005 Seven has had a major ratings resurgance, scaring Channel Nine and even winning consecutive weeks. Channel Nine relies heavily on overseas programming, some of which is:

Channel Nine also produces a lot of Australian programming, some of which has been heavily criticised for being "cheap" or "cheesy":

For full list of Nine's television programs see:


Nine base their summer schedule around broadcasts of cricket, for which it has owned the local broadcast rights since World Series Cricket in the late 1970s. Its cricket broadcasts in that era revolutionised the way the sport was covered, featuring camera placed at both ends of the field (after Packer famously complained about seeing "cricketer's bums" every second over), instant replays, and other innovations. In 2002 Nine acquired broadcast rights for Friday night and Sunday games in the Australian Football League, the elite Australian Rules Football competition, displacing the Seven Network which had held the rights for over 40 years. The deal assigned the rights for finals broadcasting to Network Ten, a deal which reportedly flabbergasted Packer. Nine hold the broadcast rights to the following:


The Nine Network's news service is called National Nine News. National Nine News was always Australia's top rating and most comprehensive news service, until the last few years when it has been historically toppled by arch rival Seven News. National Nine News produces the following bulletins/programs:

National Nine News also assist in production of:


Callsigns for Nine Network stations in the capital cities:


Nine Network programming is also carried by the following affiliate networks:

Southern Cross

Sunraysia Television

WIN Television

NBN Television


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