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Neil Tennant in October 2005

Neil Francis Tennant (born July 10, 1954 in North Shields, Northumberland, United Kingdom) is a British musician, who, with his colleague Chris Lowe, makes up the successful pop duo, the Pet Shop Boys.


File:Neil tennant 2.jpg
Neil Tennant, aged 3 years old

As a child, Neil attended St. Cuthbert's, a Catholic school in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. The songs "This must be the place I waited years to leave" and "It's a sin" refer to his early life in Catholic school, and the latter caused controversy with its explicit criticism of catholic education.

Whilst at school, Neil played guitar and cello. At the age of 16, he played in a group called Dust. Their most popular song was a called "Can you hear the dawn break?" and they were heavily influenced by The Incredible String Band.

Later life

In 1975, after completing a degree in history at North London Polytechnic, Neil worked for a brief time as an editor for the UK branch of Marvel Comics. He was tasked with anglicizing the dialogue of Marvel's catalogue to suit English readers, and also indicated where over-risque women needed to be redrawn more decently for the British editions. In 1977, he moved to Macdonald Educational Publishing and, later, ITV Books. In 1982, he joined the British teen pop magazine Smash Hits, where he rose to Assistant Editor.

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Neil Tennant at Marvel Comics

At Smash Hits, an opportunity arose to go over to New York and interview The Police. Whilst there, Tennant arranged to meet Bobby Orlando, a producer who both he and Lowe admired. Tennant mentioned that he was writing songs in his spare time and Orlando agreed to record some tracks with him and Lowe at a later date. Orlando later produced Pet Shop Boys' first single West End girls.

Personal life

Although Tennant avoided the issue of homosexuality in the 1980s, preferring his lyrics to be androgynous, he publicly "came out" shortly after the release of 1993's Very in Attitude, a UK gay lifestyle magazine.

Current career

Tennant and Lowe are still going strong as Pet Shop Boys. Although they have not had a Number One since 1988, their singles regularly appear in the Top 20 in the UK chart. Neil has a hi-tech, state of the art recording studio in his home in County Durham and many songs from the Release album were recorded in it.

A new Pet Shop Boys album is due for release in Spring 2006.There are some tittles of song of this new album: Numb (written by Diana Warren),Luna Park,Resurection... Neil describes this new songs like epic and electronic,this time PSB are working again with Trevor Horn.

In March we can get a song called "Throw" in the new album of DJ Fresh,Neil Tennant colaborate with him in the voice and Dj Fresh describes like a mellow and deep song,something he never did before and both of them are very happy with the result. This song will be out in March more or less.

(correct my english Neil)

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