Murat Bayhan

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Murat Bayhan (born 1974 in Istanbul, Turkey) is the drummer of the Turkish rock band Hazerfan.

Murat Bayhan began playing drums when he was 16.

His first real band was Stormbringer, which was a power metal band. After Stormbringer he established Lethargy and Time Machine with Goktan Kural the Turkish guitarist and songwriter.

After the Time Machine period, Murat Bayhan and Goktan Kural formed Bonustrack in 1998 whose name is later changed to Hazerfan.

Bayhan also played for a time with Turkish rock band Rain and the cover rock band Golge Oyunu.

Murat Bayhan also has Masters and Bachelors Degree in Mining Engineering from METU and Music Recording and Industry Certificate from SFSU.