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Mölndal Municipality is a small municipality in Västra Götaland County, in western Sweden, just south of Gothenburg. Its name is Mölndal Stad.


Mölndal is the second smallest municipality in Västra Götaland County (after Öckerö), and about the 20th smallest in Sweden. It also has the 18th highest population density in the country.

It is located on the western main line railway between Gothenburg and Malmö which makes communications easy.


Mölndal comes from Möllornas dal, meaning "the valley of mills". There were many mills in the municipality, powered by the plenty streams that have covered the location since old times. The mills eventually gave rise to several industries in the 19th century, such as textile and paper industries, and also made it easy with power supply.

Mölndal was made into a municipality community on July 7, 1911. (Which is different from the administrative municipality of today). At the time, the 3 km² municipality had some 5,500 inhabitants. Already in 1922, it was then granted a city charter and became one of the now defunct Cities of Sweden.


Today, Mölndal is still marked by an ambitious industrial thinking. Being close to Gothenburg, many important and advanced Swedish industries like Ericsson, AstraZeneca have chosen to locate there. Over 40% of the population in working age have a higher education, which is among the most in the country.

The education in teaching professions at the Gothenburg University also takes place in Mölndal.

Population figures

The municipality is divided in the three buroughs Mölndal, Kållered and Lindome.

  1. Mölndal has 37,131 inhabitants, located in Västergötland
  2. Kållered has 7,257 inh., located in Västergötland
  3. Lindome, 13,364 inh., located in Halland.

Numbers from 2003.

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