List of space aliens in fiction by type

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This is a list of aliens that have appeared in various works of fiction featuring aliens, sorted by type.

Humanoid aliens

Most aliens are humanoid if not human-like, especially in TV series because actors are human. The Greys described in UFO folklore match this body type. Humanoids include:

Near-relatives of mankind

In these stories, these aliens are descended from the same ancestors as humanity. Some are descended directly from humanity:

  • in Star Trek: The Next Generation, the episode "The Chase" revealed that all the humanoid races in the galaxy are the result of genetic tinkering by a single humanoid race in the distant past.
  • similarly, in Marvel Comics' The Eternals, it was revealed that many species were genetically tampered with by the alien Celestials.

Feline humanoids

This form has been popular. They are usually warrior-like as well:

Canine humanoids

Insectoid and arachnid aliens


Reptilians and amphibians

  • and various variations of dinosaurs

Aquatic species

Parasites and symbionts

Robotic and mechanical aliens

Aliens that are created through technological means. This category also inculdes lifeforms that have been altered so that their existence depends on implants and other technologies.

Space-living creatures

Sentient plants & fungi

Ancient races

Aliens that have either disappeared and left only ruins or developed to godlike, practically omnipotent entities.

More unusual forms

Shape-shifting aliens

Unintelligent creatures

Aliens from other dimensions

Galactic communities

Interstellar governments or communities in which several alien civilizations interact:

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