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This is a list of missions, operations, and projects. Missions in support of other missions are not listed independently.


World War I

World War II


Excluding Mediterranean

Atlantic Ocean

Includes Arctic convoys and actions against naval vessels in harbour


  • Alpha (1944) — improvement of the defences of Kunming against Japanese threats
  • August Storm (1945) — Soviet invasion of Manchuria and other Japanese occupied territories
  • Ichigo (1944) — Japanese campaign in eastern China to secure overland routes to Indo-China and airfields

Eastern Front

European operations involving the Soviet Union.

Mediterranean Sea

Naval operations and land operations in bordering regions.

Pacific Ocean

Resistance Movements

South and South East Asia

India, Burma, Malaya and Indo-China

  • Dracula (1945) — British amphibious assault on Rangoon, Burma.
  • Ha-Go (1944) — Japanese action to isolate and destroy Anglo-Indian forces in Burma
  • Jaywick (1943) — Anglo-Australian attack on Japanese shipping in Singapore harbour
  • Matador (1941) — Planned British pre-emptive move into Siam from Malaya
  • Struggle (1945) — destruction of IJN cruiser Takao in Singapore harbour, using midget submarines
  • Talon (1945) — British capture of Akyab island and construction of supply airbase in support of Burma campaign.
  • U-Go (1944) — Japanese assault on Imphal and Kohima
  • Zipper (1945) Planned British seaborne landing in Burma.


Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

Western Front

Western Europe

Miscellaneous and Unclassified

  • Aphrodite (1944) The use of B-17 bombers as radio-controlled missiles.
  • Catapult (1940) — Royal Navy actions to seize, disable or destroy the French fleet after France's surrender.
  • Cornflakes (1945) — American clandestine insertion of propaganda into the German mail system
  • Countenance (1941) — Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran
  • Fall Grün ("Case Green") (1938) — the German invasion of Czechoslovakia
  • Fall Weiss ("Case White") (1939) — German invasion of Poland
  • LUSTY (1945) — US actions to capture German scientific documents, facilities and aircraft
  • Foxley (1944) — a plan to kill Adolf Hitler that was never carried out
  • Frantic (1943) — The use of Soviet airfields by western Allied bombers.
  • Gaff (1944) — attempt to kill Erwin Rommel
  • Grün [1] ("Green") (1938) — the Nazi invasion of Czechoslovakia
  • Magic Carpet (1945–1946) — American post-war operation to transport US military personnel home
  • Manhattan Project (1941–1945) — American program to build an atomic bomb
  • Narcissus (1943) — British commando raid
  • Paperclip (1945) — part-military, part-scientific operation to scoop up Nazi scientists, engineers, experiments, prototypes, data, etc., after WWII
  • Pied Piper (1939) — evacuation of children from British cities
  • Reinhard (1943) — German actions against Polish Jews in the "General Government"
  • Tabarin (1943) — British Antarctic expedition
  • Tannenbaum — The planned German invasion of Switzerland.
  • Valkyrie (1944) — bomb plot to kill Hitler
  • U202 & U584 — separate landings of German agents on the US east coast
  • Ultra — British effort to break German Enigma codes.
  • Wikinger (1940) — foray by German destroyers into the North Sea

See also

  • Expansion operations and planning of the Axis Powers

Cold War Era

Post-Cold War



Arab/Israeli Conflict

Croatian War of Independence 1991-1995

  • Operation Otkos 10 (end Oct-Nov 1991) — Croatian liberating actions against rebel Serbs and regular Serbian forces on area from mountain Bilogora to mountain Papuk (on west of Slavonia)
  • Harmony — Canada's contribution to the United Nation Protection Force (UNPROFOR), which was created in February 1992 to ensure the protection and demilitarization of three UN Protected Areas in Croatia
  • Operation Tigar (July 1992) — Croatian liberating actions in occupied Dubrovnik hinterland, held by Serbomontenegrian regulars
  • Bljesak ("Flash") (March 1995) — Croatian offensive against rebel Serbs, with aim of liberating occupied western Slavonia
  • Medački džep (September 1993) Croatian liberating offensive against rebel Serbs with aim of relieving the city of Gospić from Serb shelling attacks (rebel Serb artillery forces shifted shelling actions from military to terrotistic)
  • Oluja ("Storm") (August 1995) — Croatian major liberating offensive against areas under control of rebel Serbs.

War in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995

Kosovo War 1999

  • Megaphone — Canada's return of equipment used in Kosovo
  • Potkova ("Horseshoe") (1999) — Yugoslav army offensive against the KLA
  • Quadrant — Canada's mission in Kosovo

War in Macedonia

Falklands War

  • Rosario — Argentine invasion
    • Algeciras — Planned Argentine sabotage raid.
  • Corporate — British liberation
    • Black Buck — British long-range bombing raid
    • Canbelow — British antiaircraft naval ambush
    • Keyhole — British commando raid
    • Purple Warrior — British training exercise incorporating lessons from the Falklands War
    • Sutton — British amphibious landings


Humanitarian Operations


Persian Gulf War
  • Desert Shield (1990) — American buildup prior to Gulf War
    • Granby — British codename for operations during Gulf War
  • Desert Storm (1991) — Gulf War
  • Ace Guard (1991) — The (NATO) Allied Command Europe Mobile Force for Turkey South Border Reinforcement (based at Diyarbakir AFB)
  • Determination (early 1998) — Canadian deployment in the Persian Gulf to force Iraq to comply with United Nations inspection agreements
  • Northern Watch (1990s) — northern No-Fly Zone over Iraq
  • Record (1991) — Canadian mission to secure Iraqi-Kuwaiti border
  • Southern Watch (1990s) — southern No-Fly Zone over Iraq
Second Invasion of Iraq


Law Enforcement

  • Auxin (2004) — Australian anti-pedophilia effort
  • Avalanche (1999) — American anti-pedophilia effort
  • Buccaneer (2001) — International raid on software pirates.
  • Crevice (2004) — British counterterrorism action.
  • D-Elite (2005) — US raid on software pirates.
  • Fast Forward (2005) Mock evacuation of downtown Washington.
  • Falcon (2004) — anti-pedophilia raid against companies handling credit card payments
  • Falcon (2005) — Widespread dragnet Led by the U.S. Marshal's Service
  • Fastlink (2004) — Interntional operation against pirated computer software.
  • Ivy Tryp (2004) — American sting operation against sellers of psychedelics online.
  • Ore (2003) — American led anti-pedophilia effort
  • Pin (2003) — British-led anti-pedophilia effort
  • Perseus (1998) — British Transit Police
  • Purana (2003) — Investigation of Melbourne, Victoria's underworld.
  • Site Down (2005) — International crackdown on pirated movies.
  • THERMCON (1987) — FBI operation that targeted environmental activists.


Non-military operations

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