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In mathematics, several functions are important enough to deserve their own name. This is a listing of pointers to those articles which explain these functions in more detail. There is a large theory of special functions which developed out of trigonometry, and then the needs of mathematical physics. A modern, abstract point of view contrasts large function spaces, which are infinite-dimensional and within which most functions are 'anonymous', with special functions picked out by properties such as symmetry, or relationship to harmonic analysis and group representations. See also orthogonal polynomial.

Classes of functions

Functions can classified according to the properties they have.

Elementary functions


Polynomials: can be generated by addition and multiplication alone.

Elementary periodic functions

Elementary transcendental functions

Special functions

Antiderivatives of elementary functions

Gamma and related functions

Elliptic and related functions

Bessel and related functions

Riemann zeta and related functions

Hypergeometric and related functions

Other standard special functions

Number theoretic functions


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