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This list of Star Trek: Enterprise episodes is accompanied by each episode's original airdate on UPN in the United States, along with its Nielsen rating, and estimated number of viewers.

When viewing the ratings and numbers, it should be kept in mind that during the run of this series, UPN did not have coverage in all regions of the United States; in many areas, the show aired on other broadcasters at times that were not covered by the ratings.

UPN itself also showed a weekend rebroadcast of each episode which was not rated. The network was also frequently criticized during the period 2001-2005 for allowing affiliates to preempt many episodes of the series for local programming. All these factors were blamed for the show's dipping ratings.

UPN cancelled the series on February 2 2005, but allowed it to complete its fourth season, with the final episode airing on May 13, 2005. In March-April 2004, it was announced that several major markets, including Boston's UPN affiliate, would not air the final episodes of Enterprise in their regular time slot (save for the finale), but rather delay broadcast until the weekend due to coverage of weekly sporting events. This accounts for the lower-than-usual ratings numbers for the final half-dozen episodes.

The four seasons of Enterprise are scheduled to be released on DVD in North America during 2005. In January 2005, Paramount Television announced that the series will enter rerun syndication in the fall of 2005, and that broadcasters covering 95% of the United States had purchased the rights to air past episode of the series (this is greater than the current coverage of UPN in the U.S.).


Season 1 (2001-2002)


Pic Title Original Airdate NR V #
100px "Broken Bow" September 26, 2001 7.0 12.54 101 & 102
First contact with Klingons; Enterprise (NX-01) launched. Archer finds himself in the middle of a Temporal Cold War
No Pic "Fight or Flight" October 3, 2001 5.7 9.18 103
Hoshi faces her fears on an alien ship whose crew was murdered.
No Pic "Strange New World" October 10, 2001 5.0 7.81 104
A storm traps an away team on an alien world, while spores cause them to experience psychosis
No Pic "Unexpected" October 17, 2001 5.2 8.16 105
Trip helps an alien crew fix their engines only to find himself pregnant.
No Pic "Terra Nova" October 24, 2001 5.1 8.35 106
An early human colony on Terra Nova mysteriously disappeared 70 years ago and Enterprise is sent to find out what happened to them.
100px "The Andorian Incident" October 31, 2001 4.5 7.19 107
Archer, Trip, and T'Pol are taken hostage by Andorians in the Vulcan monastery of P'Jem.
No Pic "Breaking the Ice" November 7, 2001 4.9 7.36 108
Malcolm and Travis seek Eisilium on a comet while T'Pol considers marriage to Koss.
No Pic "Civilization" November 14, 2001 4.6 7.14 109
Archer, Trip, Hoshi, and T'Pol go undercover to observe a pre-industrial civilization to find they aren't the first observers there.
No Pic "Fortunate Son" November 21, 2001 4.8 6.11 110
The cargo ship Fortunate was attacked by Nausicans and the Enterprise lends a helping hand only to find the crew of the Fortunate has secret plans.
No Pic "Cold Front" November 28, 2001 4.7 7.33 111
Archer finds out a crewman on Enterprise is helping to fight the Temporal Cold War against Silik and some of the Suliban.
No Pic "Silent Enemy" January 16, 2002 3.7 6.11 112
Archer faces an enemy that doesn't respond to hails while Hoshi tries to find what Malcolm's favorite food is to surprise him for his birthday.
No Pic "Dear Doctor" January 23, 2002 3.7 5.65 113
Phlox & Archer must decide where their morals lie about letting a species live or die from a pandemic.
No Pic "Sleeping Dogs" January 30, 2002 3.9 6.50 114
Hoshi, Malcolm and T'Pol board an unresponsive Klingon ship on decaying orbit into the crushing pressures of a gas giant.
100px "Shadows of P'Jem" February 6, 2002 3.8 6.05 115
T'Pol is recalled to Vulcan after the events of "The Andorian Incident". During her final away mission, she and Archer are kidnapped, leading to a confrontation between Vulcans and Andorians.
No Pic "Shuttlepod One" February 13, 2002 3.4 5.33 116
Reed and Trip are stranded in a shuttlepod with no foreseeable help arriving before life support runs out.
No Pic "Fusion" February 27, 2002 3.0 4.49 117
Enterprise encounters a crew of emotional Vulcans; T'Pol experiences her first mind meld, with unsettling results.
No Pic "Rogue Planet" March 20, 2002 3.3 4.69 118
Enterprise finds a solitary planet with Eska hunters hunting an indigenous species.
No Pic "Acquisition" March 27, 2002 3.4 5.45 119
A group of Ferengi hijack Enterprise, but Trip, Archer and T'Pol play mind games with the pirates in order to win back their ship.
No Pic "Oasis" April 3, 2002 3.3 5.64 120
Archer, T'Pol, Trip and Travis find a crew apparently alive on a ship that crash-landed years ago.
No Pic "Detained" April 24, 2002 3.0 4.88 121
Archer and Travis find themselves imprisoned in a Suliban internment camp by the Tandarans.
No Pic "Vox Sola" May 1, 2002 3.4 5.40 122
An unknown alien boards Enterprise and starts capturing crew members, linking them together neurologically.
No Pic "Fallen Hero" May 8, 2002 3.2 5.34 123
Enterprise finds itself under attack while transporting a Vulcan ambassador who happens to be a hero of T'Pol's.
No Pic "Desert Crossing" May 8, 2002 3.0 4.68 124
Enterprise finds itself aligned with a terrorist group when Trip and Archer are forced to cross miles of desert on an alien world.
No Pic "Two Days and Two Nights" May 15, 2002 3.1 5.26 125
After weeks of detours, Enterprise arrives for shore leave on Risa. While there, Archer encounters a woman who knows more about the Suliban than she's willing to admit.
No Pic "Shockwave" May 27, 2002 3.3 5.28 126
A planet's population is destroyed. The disaster is blamed on Enterprise which is recalled to Earth. En route, it is hijacked by Suliban and Archer is transported to a decimated 31st century.

"Broken Bow" aired as a two-hour episode on UPN. When the series enters syndication, it is expected to air as a two-part episode.

Season 2 (2002-2003)


Pic Title Original Airdate NR V #
100px "Shockwave, Part II" September 18, 2002 3.2 4.89 201
As a group of Suliban take over Enterprise, Archer tries to return to the 22nd century.
100px "Carbon Creek" September 25, 2002 3.0 4.84 202
T'Pol tells the tale of crash-landed Vulcan crew on Earth in the 1950s.
100px "Minefield" October 2, 2002 3.5 5.25 203
Enterprise snags a cloaked mine and Reed and Archer race to disable it during first contact with the Romulans.
100px "Dead Stop" October 9, 2002 3.5 5.41 204
Heavily damaged by the Romulan mine, Enterprise is repaired by an unmanned and automatic repair station with a mind of its own.
100px "A Night in Sickbay" October 16, 2002 3.9 6.26 205
Porthos causes a diplomatic incident and is poisoned on an alien world; Archer goes stir crazy in sick bay while waiting for Porthos to recover.
100px "Marauders" October 30, 2002 3.6 5.60 206
Archer barters for deuterium from a colony plagued by Klingon marauders seeking deuterium as well.
100px "The Seventh" November 6, 2002 3.2 4.82 207
T'Pol is reactivated as an intelligence agent as she is assigned to apprehend a fugitive. During the mission, a dark secret from her past is revealed, shattering her emotional control.
100px "The Communicator" November 13, 2002 3.0 4.46 208
After a short trip by Archer and Malcolm on a planet, Reed discovers he lost his communicator on the pre-industrial planet and is captured while trying to retrieve it.
100px "Singularity" November 20, 2002 3.1 4.83 209
Enterprise charts a course through a trinary star system to investigate a black hole but the crew finds themselves with a case akin to Obsessive-compulsive disorder.
No Pic "Vanishing Point" November 27, 2002 2.5 3.78 210
After her first trip through the transporter, Hoshi finds herself turning invisible and the rest of the crew believing she's dead.
No Pic "Precious Cargo" December 11, 2002 3.1 4.67 211
While answering a distress call, Trip is kidnapped along with a spoiled alien princess.
No Pic "The Catwalk" December 18, 2002 3.0 4.73 212
The Enterprise crew takes refuge in a nacelle to avoid an inescapable radiation belt.
No Pic "Dawn" January 8, 2003 2.5 3.99 213
Trip is fired upon by an Arkonian ship and is stranded on a planet with his attacker.
No Pic "Stigma" February 5, 2003 2.9 4.40 214
T'Pol learns she has pan'aar syndrome contracted from her mind meld in "Fusion" and must face being ostracized by Vulcan society and losing her position on Enterprise.
No Pic "Cease Fire" February 12, 2003 2.9 4.78 215
Archer negotiates a cease fire between Andorians and Vulcans.
No Pic "Future Tense" February 19, 2003 2.9 4.62 216
Enterprise finds a derelict ship only to be attacked by Suliban and Tholian ships.
No Pic "Canamar" February 26, 2003 2.8 4.10 217
Mistaken as smugglers, Archer and Malcolm find themselves on a prisoner transport ship.
No Pic "The Crossing" April 2, 2003 2.6 3.85 218
Noncorporeal aliens attempt to take over Enterprise.
No Pic "Judgment" April 9, 2003 2.5 3.69 219
Archer is arrested and imprisoned by the Klingons for allegedly conspiring against the empire.
100px "Horizon" April 16, 2003 2.2 3.37 220
After the death of his father, Travis visits his family on their cargo ship and begins to reconsider his place aboard Enterprise.
100px "The Breach" April 23, 2003 2.3 3.19 221
Due to a militant faction's demands, Enterprise is asked to retrieve Denobulan geologists.
100px "Cogenitor" April 30, 2003 2.7 4.08 222
Enterprise encounters the Vissians, a more technologically advanced species, and Trip finds himself transfixed on the fact the Vissians are a three-sexed species, befriending one of them with tragic results.
100px "Regeneration" May 7, 2003 2.7 4.12 223
A group of Borg (from Star Trek: First Contact) are revived after a century frozen in Antarctic ice.
100px "First Flight" May 14, 2003 2.4 3.30 224
After hearing of the death of a close friend, Archer tells T'Pol about his early career as an experimental warp engine pilot.
100px "Bounty" May 14, 2003 2.3 3.54 225
A Tellarite captures Archer in order to collect a reward from the Klingons who have been searching for the captain after the events of "Judgment". Meanwhile, a virus causes T'Pol to experience a premature pon farr.
100px "The Expanse" May 21, 2003 2.8 3.88 226
An alien probe attacks Earth, killing 7 million people. Enterprise heads home for refitting before being heading into the Delphic Expanse in pursuit of the attackers. Meanwhile, T'Pol resigns her commission with the Vulcan High Command to stay aboard Enterprise.

Season 3 (2003-2004)


Pic Title Original Airdate NR V #
100px "The Xindi" September 10, 2003 2.6 4.07 301
The mission against the Xindi starts off with Archer and Malcolm making a visit to a mining facility in order to track down a Xindi.
100px "Anomaly" September 17, 2003 2.6 4.29 302
The crew of Enterprise encounters the anomalies of the Delphic Expanse first-hand and first learn of the giant spheres that seem to be behind its existence.
100px "Extinction" September 24, 2003 2.6 4.00 303
During a wild goose chase while pursuing the Xindi, Archer, T'Pol, and Hoshi are exposed to an alien virus and begin to mutate into members of a long-dead race called the Loque'eque.
100px "Rajiin" October 1, 2003 2.7 4.52 304
A slave girl takes refuge aboard Enterprise but spies on the crew instead. Meanwhile, Archer learns that synthesized Trellium-D can be used to protect his vessel from the anomalies.
100px "Impulse" October 8, 2003 2.8 4.17 305
Enterprise encounters a Vulcan ship in which the crew has become infected by a potent neurotoxin related to Trellium-D that causes permanent neural damage. T'Pol becomes infected and loses control of her emotions, becoming paranoid and nearly homicidal.
100px "Exile" October 15, 2003 2.3 3.46 306
A Beauty and the Beast-like tale involving Hoshi encountering a telepathic exile (with Xindi-related information) on a deserted world.
100px "The Shipment" October 29, 2003 2.5 3.70 307
The Enterprise crew learns of a shipment of kemocite, a key element in a new weapon being built to destroy Earth.
100px "Twilight" November 5, 2003 2.6 4.06 308
An anomaly causes Archer to lose his short-term memory. Much of the episode takes place in an alternate future after the destruction of Earth in which Archer (with the help of his caretaker T'Pol and Captain Tucker), seeks a way to correct the past.
100px "North Star" November 12, 2003 2.6 3.88 309
A planet resembling the American "Old West" is found to be inhabited by humans.
100px "Similitude" November 19, 2003 3.0 4.59 310
Tucker becomes comatose after a plasma manifold explodes. A clone of Trip is created for the purpose of harvesting a needed organ. Archer's order to kill the clone is met with resistance when the clone, named Sim, becomes a member of the Enterprise family.
100px "Carpenter Street" November 26, 2003 2.5 3.71 311
With the help of Daniels, Archer and T'Pol go back in time after discovering a group of Xindi reptilians are creating a biological weapon in 2004 Detroit.
100px "Chosen Realm" January 14, 2004 2.6 3.93 312
Religious zealots hijack Enterprise and seek to execute Archer for acts of desecration upon the spheres. Notable as the first episode in which an Enterprise crewmember is killed.
100px "Proving Ground" January 21, 2004 2.2 3.44 313
Xindi scientists test their new, planet-killing weapon in an asteroid field as Archer finds he has an ally in the Delphic Expanse.
100px "Stratagem" February 4, 2004 2.6 4.08 314
A Xindi ally helps Archer try to get information about the location of the new superweapon.
100px "Harbinger" February 11, 2004 2.6 3.95 315
Enterprise encounters the Sphere Builders for the first time. T'Pol experiences unexpected emotions and initiates a relationship with Trip. Malcolm and Major Hayes come to terms with their differences.
100px "Doctor's Orders" February 18, 2004 2.6 3.73 316
While Enterprise passes through a "trans-dimensional disturbance", the crew is put into hibernation, leaving Phlox in control of the ship. But is he truly alone?
100px "Hatchery" February 25, 2004 2.4 3.52 317
Archer does everything he can to save a Xindi insectoid hatchery, to the point that his officers consider inciting mutiny against him.
100px "Azati Prime" March 3, 2004 2.6 3.78 318
After finding the weapon on Azati Prime, Archer embarks on a suicide mission to destroy it. T'Pol suddenly goes into an emotional tailspin as Enterprise suffers a devastating attack by the reptilian Xindi.
100px "Damage" April 21, 2004 2.0 2.86 319
Enterprise is heavily damaged by Xindi and seeks exchange of Trellium-D for a warp coil from an alien vessel but is forced to steal it. T'Pol confesses her addiction to liquefied Trellium-D which has caused her to lose control of her emotions.
100px "The Forgotten" April 28, 2004 2.2 3.35 320
Archer deals with the loss of many crewmembers and continues peaceful talks with two Xindi species that destroy a fellow Xindi ship in self-defense.
100px "" May 5, 2004 2.2 3.25 321
The Enterprise crew meet their descendants from an alternate timeline.
100px "The Council" May 12, 2004 2.4 3.41 322
Archer speaks at the Xindi council and finds one species has launched the superweapon in defiance of the council.
100px "Countdown" May 19, 2004 2.3 3.46 323
Archer works to build support from the aquatic Xindi to stop the reptilians and find the Sphere Builders who are aiding the reptilians.
100px "Zero Hour" May 26, 2004 2.7 3.91 324
Final showdown with the reptilian Xindi to stop the weapon from destroying Earth. Archer is lost and believed dead as Enterprise finds itself back in the Second World War era.

Season 4 (2004-2005)


Pic Title Original Airdate NR V #
100px "Storm Front" October 8, 2004 1.8 2.89 401
After destroying the Xindi weapon, Enterprise finds itself in the 20th century during World War II with Nazis in control of the USA with the help of high-ranking aliens.
100px "Storm Front, Part II" October 15, 2004 1.8 3.11 402
Archer joins Silik to stop the alien Nazis, restore the timeline, and end the Temporal Cold War.
100px "Home" October 22, 2004 2.0 3.16 403
Enterprise is welcomed home after saving Earth and the crew takes a much needed vacation. Tucker & T'Pol visit Vulcan where T'Pol must consider marriage. Erika Hernandez becomes captain of the Columbia and renews her acquaintance with Archer. Phlox encounters prejudice on Earth.
100px "Borderland" October 29, 2004 2.1 3.18 404
Dr. Arik Soong restores his relationship with his genetically-enhanced creation: Augments.
100px "Cold Station 12" November 5, 2004 2.1 3.39 405
A space station crew is held hostage as Dr. Arik Soong and his Augments work to obtain hundreds of Augment embryos in hopes of reviving the new species.
100px "The Augments" November 12, 2004 2.1 3.39 406
Dr. Arik Soong finds himself overthrown as "father" of the Augments and Archer defeats them.
100px "The Forge" November 19, 2004 2.0 3.15 407
The Starfleet embassy on Vulcan is partially destroyed by a bomb, killing Admiral Forrest. Archer & T'Pol travel to Vulcan in search of an alleged terrorist group blamed for the explosion, of which T'Pol's mother is a member.
100px "Awakening" November 26, 2004 2.0 3.38 408
Archer & T'Pol find T'Pau and T'Pol's mother and learn that Archer is carrying Surak's katra.
100px "Kir'Shara" December 3, 2004 2.2 3.20 409
Archer and T'Pol bring back the Kir'Shara (Surak's artifact) that will lead to vast changes in the Vulcan world. T'Pol's pan'aar syndrome is cured by T'Pau.
100px "Daedalus" January 14, 2005 1.9 3.03 410
Dr. Emory Erickson, inventor of the transporter, conducts a long-range experiment in order to recover his lost son.
100px "Observer Effect" January 21, 2005 1.7 2.76 411
Organians test the Enterprise crew by observing their reactions to a deadly silicon-based infection.
100px "Babel One" January 28, 2005 1.8 2.53 412
Andorians threaten war on the Tellarites after apparently being attacked by a Tellarite vessel en route to trade talks.
100px "United" February 4, 2005 1.8 2.81 413
Archer and Shran engage in mortal combat as Archer tries to unite the Andorians and Tellarites who are being set at each other's throats by a remote-controlled Romulan vessel.
100px "The Aenar" February 11, 2005 1.9 3.18 414
The drone Romulan ship that attacked the Andorians is under the control of an Aenar, an offshoot race of the Andorians. Archer and Shran join forces to rescue the Aenar and stop the Romulan plot.
100px "Affliction" February 18, 2005 2.0 3.17 415
Phlox is kidnapped by the Klingons who are seeking to cure a disease caused by an attempt to create Klingon/Augment hybrids; T'Pol's mental abilities grow exponentially after she conducts her first mind meld.
100px "Divergence" February 25 1.9 2.96 416
With Columbia's help, the Enterprise crew grapples with sabotage to their ship as they pursue the truth behind the kidnapping of Phlox. The disease is cured, but genetic mutations will make many Klingons appear human-like for generations to come.
100px "Bound" April 15, 2005 1.5 2.56 417
As a gift for negotiating with the Orion Syndicate, Archer receives three Orion Slave Girls, but these "gifts" have their own agenda. Meanwhile, Trip and T'Pol come to terms with the psychic bond that has been created between them.
100px "In a Mirror, Darkly" April 22, 2005 1.4 2.59 418
In the Mirror Universe, Commander Archer mutinies against Captain Forrest in order to capture a future Earth ship found in Tholian space.
100px "In a Mirror, Darkly Part II" April 29, 2005 1.7 2.92 419
In the Mirror Universe, Archer commandeers the 23rd-century Defiant from the Tholians and uses it in a nefarious power grab.
100px "Demons" May 6, 2005 1.8 3.01 420
A xenophobic faction of humanity threatens to undermine talks to form a new coalition of planets.
100px "Terra Prime" May 13, 2005 2.2 3.80 421
A human isolationist leader threatens to destroy Starfleet Command unless all aliens leave Earth immediately. His bargaining tool: a baby cloned from DNA belonging to Trip and T'Pol.
100px "These Are the Voyages..." May 13, 2005 2.2 3.80 422
Two centuries in the future, two crewmembers of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) observe a holodeck creation of the final voyage of the NX-01 in 2161 (six years after the events of "Terra Prime") as it returns to Earth for decommissioning and the signing of the United Federation of Planets charter. But Enterprise's final mission will be a tragic one.

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