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The L.A. Law opening title featured a personalized license plate mounted on a Jaguar.

L.A. Law (1986 - 1994) was one of the most popular American television shows of the late 20th century. As with its contemporary thirtysomething, L.A. Law reflected important social and cultural issues of the 1980s and early 1990s.

Set in and around a Los Angeles law firm McKenzie Brackman Chaney and Kuzak (later on it was changed to McKenzie Brackman Chaney Kuzak and Becker), the show's original ensemble cast included Harry Hamlin as Michael Kuzak, Susan Dey as Junior District Attorney (later Judge) Grace Van Owen, Corbin Bernsen as Arnold Arnie Becker, Blair Underwood as Jonathan Rollins, Jill Eikenberry as Ann Kelsey, Alan Rachins sa Douglas Brackman, Michele Greene as Abigail Abbie Perkins, Michael Tucker as Stuart Markowitz, Susan Ruttan as Roxanne Melman, and Richard A. Dysart as Leland McKenzie.

Over the run of the show Larry Drake, Jimmy Smits, John Spencer, Diana Muldaur, and Lynne Thigpen joined the cast. It was created by Steven Bochco (who would later create another successful drama series, ABC's NYPD Blue).

The show won numerous awards, including the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series in 1989, 1990, and 1991. It returned for a single broadcast in 2002 as L.A. Law: The Movie.


  • At the height of the show's popularity in the mid-1980s, attention was focused upon a fictitious sexual position mentioned by one of the show's characters called the "Venus Butterfly." Fans and interested persons flooded the show's producers with letters asking for more details about this curious kink.
  • Famously, in the March 21, 1991, episode -- cheekily titled "Good to the Last Drop" -- litigator Rosalind Shays (Diana Muldaur) plummeted to her death down an empty elevator shaft.
  • Its familiar theme song features a saxophone solo by famed smooth jazz artist David Sanborn.
  • During the 1993 season, the custom licence plate fell off of the Bentley at the beginning of the show, which reflected a crash scene that had just occured between Arnold's Bentley and another car

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