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Chris 'KiddChris' Foley (born 1974) is a controversial American radio personality or "shock jock", who has hosted talk radio shows throughout the United States during the late-1990s and early 21st Century.

KiddChris got his start in radio in Syracuse New York. He also hosted a controversial radio show in Wichita, Kansas which raised the ire of local church groups. Many religious organizations attempted to band together and remove KiddChris from the airwaves, but he remained on the air.

From Wichita, KiddChris moved onto Sacramento, California where he hosted a morning show on a hip-hop station (KSFM). After several months at KSFM, he moved into an evening show on talk station KXOA. KiddChris's four-hour talk show was one of the highest-rated radio shows on the Pacific coast.

In the fall of 2002, KiddChris took a hiatus from radio and retired to upstate New York. There, he rejuvenated himself and prepared for his return, which occurred on the morning of January 5 2004 in San Antonio, Texas. He hosted a highly-rated and extraordinarily popular show at San Antonio's K-Rock 102.7 FM until early August of 2005. With rumors flying that KiddChris, a former writer and contributor to Howard Stern's radio program, would replace Stern when Stern's contract expired with Infinity Broadcasting, KiddChris signed with Philadelphia's powerful rock station, WYSP FM. "The KiddChris Show" began broadcasting on WYSP 94.1 FM in Philadelphia on Monday, August 29 2005.

KiddChris is a rumored to be the successor for Howard Stern when Stern leaves terrestrial radio for satellite radio system Sirius. With more and more names heading to satellite radio, KiddChris is one of the biggest "shock jocks" in the United States still on terrestrial radio. His recent move to Philadelphia is expected to quickly expand into national syndication.

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