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KOMPRESSOR is also a badge given to a line of cars with supercharged engines manufactured by Mercedes.
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KOMPRESSOR (born 1974) is the electronic musician Andreas K of Bremen, Germany, who now lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

According to KOMPRESSOR's Web site, KOMPRESSOR sound is hard and angry, good words used for song and electronic.

KOMPRESSOR is depicted in his albums and videos wearing a strange alien mask, and usually a black leather jacket and black gloves. When speaking, he typically uses the singular form as plural form ("We must destroy all Internet Ad"). His lyrics are hard-hitting, sometimes playful, and always full of "KOMPRESSOR Might."

KOMPRESSOR considers lyrics essential to his music. Some of KOMPRESSOR's work, such as his works "Adding Up Numbers", "Vitamins are Good", and "Penmanship", address wholesome, "family"-type topics such as doing arithmetic, using supplements, and having legible handwriting. In others, such as "Destroy Mass Media", he shows contempt for society's preoccupation with the media. Another of his best-known songs, "We Must Destroy X10", attacked X10 and other makers of pop-up ads; X10 went bankrupt not long after.

The instruments KOMPRESSOR utilises are cited as being "SYNTH, CRUSH, FEAR" and "DEATH," while his life-long influences are apparently "NO".


Public Domain

According to Sharing Machine, all existing KOMPRESSOR lyrics (as of 2005) are available in the public domain. Speaking on behalf of Sharing Machine, KOMPRESSOR's record label, you have permission to post these lyrics anywhere you want. While the music is copyrighted, the actual lyrics for the three KOMPRESSOR albums released in the US are registered as public domain.

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