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Jim Reeves is also the name of a competitive eater.

James Travis "Jim" Reeves (August 20 1923July 31 1964) was an American country singer.

Reeves was born in Galloway, Texas; he became known as a crooner because of his warm velvety voice. His songs were remarkable for their simple elegance highlighted by his rich baritone voice. Songs such as "He'll Have to Go," "Adios Amigo," and "Am I Losing You" demonstrated this approach. Jim Reeves' Christmas songs have been perennial favorites, including songs such as "Silver Bells," "Blue Christmas," and "An Old Christmas Card."

In 1959/1960, Reeves scored his greatest hit with the Joe Allison composition "He'll Have to Go," which earned him a platinum record. In the early 1960s, Reeves was more popular than Elvis Presley in South Africa. He even recorded several albums in Afrikaans. In 1963 he starred in a South African movie, Kimberley Jim, which was the biggest South African production up to that date. He had a No.1 hit on the United Kingdom pop charts in 1966 with "Distant Drums," a song written for him by Cindy Walker. Jim Reeves was one of the few Western singers, including music acts such as Boney M and ABBA, who became widely known in the non-European world, including Africa, India and Southeast Asia. To this day, he is affectionately referred to as "Gentleman Jim" in those parts.

Reeves died when the small aircraft he was piloting crashed during a thunderstorm near Nashville, Tennessee. His business partner and manager Dean Manuel was also killed in the crash.

He was elected posthumously to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1967 and in 1998 he was inducted into the Texas Country Music Hall of Fame in Carthage, Texas, where the Jim Reeves Memorial is located.

Some of the other songs he made famous were:

  • "Angels Don't Lie"
  • "Bimbo"
  • "Billy Bayou"
  • "The Blizzard"
  • "Blue Boy"
  • "Blue Side of Lonesome"
  • "A Fool Such as I"
  • "Four Walls"
  • "Guilty"
  • "Home"
  • "I'd Fight The World"
  • "If Heartache is the Fashion"
  • "I Guess I'm Crazy"
  • "I Know One"
  • "I Love You Because"
  • "I'm Gonna Change Everything"
  • "I Missed Me"
  • "Is It Really Over"
  • "Is This Me"
  • "I Won't Come In While He's There"
  • "I Won't Forget You"
  • "Mexican Joe"
  • "Moonlight and Roses"
  • "Partners"
  • "Welcome to My World"
  • "When You Are Gone"
  • "The Writing's On The Wall"
  • "This is It"
  • "Yonder Comes a Sucker"


  • Jim Reeves Sings (Abbott Records, 1956)
  • Singing Down the Lane (1956)
  • Bimbo (1956)
  • Jim Reeves (1957)
  • Girls I Have Known (1958)
  • God Be With You (1958)
  • Songs To Warm The Heart (1959)
  • The Intimate Jim Reeves (1960)
  • According To My Heart (1960)
  • Tall Tales and Short Tempers (1961)
  • Talkin' To Your Heart (1961)
  • A Touch Of Velvet (1962)
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  • We Thank Thee (1962)
  • The Country Side Of (1962)
  • Gentleman Jim (1963)
  • The International Jim Reeves (1963)
  • Good 'N' Country (1963)
  • Twelve Songs Of Christmas (1963)
  • Kimberley Jim (1964)
  • Moonlight and Roses (1964)
  • The Best Of Jim Reeves (1964)
  • Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? (1964)
  • The Jim Reeves Way (1965)
  • Up Through The Years (1965)
  • The Best Of Jim Reeves Vol. II (1965)
  • Distant Drums (1966)
  • Yours Sincerely, Jim Reeves (1966)
  • Blue Side Of Lonesome (1967)
  • A Touch of Sadness (1968)
  • Jim Reeves On Stage (1968)
  • Jim Reeves and Some Friends (1969)
  • Golden Records (1969)
  • The Best Of Jim Reeves Vol. III (1969)
  • Jim Reeves Writes You a Record (1971)
  • A Legendary Performer (1976)

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