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Jade Puget (full name Jade Errol Puget, born November 28, 1972) is the current guitarist for the band AFI. He joined the band in 1998. Before joining AFI Jade played in various bands, most significantly Loose Change (which shared a 7" with AFI in 1992 when the bands first started. This 7", titled Dork, was AFI's first vinyl), and Redemption 87.

Jade's recordings with the band include Black Sails (1999), All Hallows (1999), Days of the Phoenix (2001), and 336 (2002)and the full length CDs Black Sails in the Sunset (1999), The Art of Drowning (2000), and Sing the Sorrow (2003).

Jade's influence as a musician contributed to AFI's change over the years, as is evident from the differences between Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes (1997, pre-Jade) and Black Sails in the Sunset (1999, post-Jade).

Jade shares the Straight Edge lifestyle with Davey. The band itself is not Straight Edge (for example, drummer Adam Carson used to smoke). Jade has a sister, a half brother, and a younger brother named Smith who is AFI's tour manager. Jade joined the band after completing college (the rest of the band had quit college in order to continue with the band). He has a degree in social theory.

Jade has several tattoos, such as the "18" on his arm (which was originally a "13".). He also has brown hair with blonde on top. Jade has a piercing on the skin between his teeth and his upper lip (also called a smiley) and has ear piercings.

Former Bands

  • Loose Change
  • Redemption 87
  • F3BW
  • Influence 13
  • Taxidermy (bass)
  • 2 un-named bands with Smith (1 pop punk, 1 hardcore)
  • 1 un-named band with Adam and Geoff


  • One day, when I was young, my Dad brought home a guitar. I was quite intrigued and went to pick it up but he said, "Son, unless you can wail on that thing like Nuno Bettencourt from Extreme or maybe Steve Vai when he was playing with David Lee Roth and he had the sweet double-necked guitar that was like two legs coming out of a heart, keep your damn hands off it!" And I never touched a guitar again. So to answer your question, yes, I answer the phone whether it rings or not.
  • For finger exercises, I do the removable thumb trick about 50-70 times to limber up.
  • Did I say I had a Les Paul? Sorry, I meant Ru Paul.
  • We'll come around Montreal but we won't actually come into the city. I doubt we'll go beyond just lurking in the bushes on the outskirts of town. I don't think the Montrealites have recovered from my yelling, "I am a grapefruit! Give me all your croissants!!" in French in the supermarket last time I was there.
  • A Fire Inside, to me, means these three other guys who drink all the soy milk backstage before I get a damn drop of it.
  • Ninjas ARE TOTALLY SWEET, what with all the guitar solos and flipping out and totally chopping peoples heads off.
  • We'll be playing in Minnesota at the Mall of America, at the golf course...in the windmill.
  • If you want to see some ill pattycake you have to see Davey and I do it. Then watch us play pattycake.

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