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The ITU allocates call sign prefixes for radio and television stations of all types. These prefixes are agreed upon internationally, and are a form of country code. A call sign can be any number of letters and numerals but each country must only use call signs that begin with the characters allocated for use in that country.

A few countries do not fully comply with these rules. Australia drops the VL prefix for broadcast stations, and Canada uses Chile's CB for its own Canadian Broadcasting Corporation stations.

With regard to the second and/or third letters in the prefixes in the list below, if the country in question is allocated all callsigns with A to Z in that position, then that country can also use call signs with the digits 0 to 9 in that position. For example, the United States is assigned KA–KZ, and therefore can also use prefixes like KA1 or K5.

Many large countries in turn have internal rules on how and where specific subsets of their callsigns can be used (such as Mexico's XE for AM and XH for FM broadcasting), which are not covered here.

Fictional call signs

The following ranges of call signs are not used, so can be used as examples and as call signs of fictional countries. Note: List not complete.

  • A0–A1
  • C0–C1
  • D0–D1
  • E0–E1
  • H0–H1
  • H5
  • E6–E9
  • Q[anything] (no codes beginning with Q are used—they get confused with Q Codes)
  • O0–O9
  • J0–J1
  • L0–L1
  • P0–P1
  • J9
  • 0[anything] (no codes beginning with 0 are used)
  • S0–S1
  • T0–T1
  • V0–V1
  • Y0–Y1
  • Z0–Z1
  • X0–X9
  • Z4–Z9
  • 1[anything] (no codes beginning with 1 are used)
  • 30–39
  • 40–49
  • 50–59
  • 60–69
  • 70–79
  • 80–89
  • 90–99

Table of Allocation of International Call Sign Series

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Call Sign Series Allocated to
AA–AL United States of America
AM–AO Spain
AP–AS Pakistan (Islamic Republic of)
AT–AW India (Republic of)
AX Australia
AY–AZ Argentine Republic
A2 Botswana (Republic of)
A3 Tonga (Kingdom of)
A4 Oman (Sultanate of)
A5 Bhutan (Kingdom of)
A6 United Arab Emirates
A7 Qatar (State of)
A8 Liberia (Republic of)
A9 Bahrain (State of)
B China (People's Republic of)
CA–CE Chile (See note 5)
CF–CK Canada
CL–CM Cuba
CN Morocco (Kingdom of)
CO Cuba
CP Bolivia (Republic of)
CQ–CU Portugal
CV–CX Uruguay (Eastern Republic of)
CY–CZ Canada
C2 Nauru (Republic of)
C3 Andorra (Principality of)
C4 Cyprus (Republic of)
C5 The Gambia (Republic of)
C6 Bahamas (Commonwealth of the)
C7 World Meteorological Organization (See note 1)
C8–C9 Mozambique (Republic of)
DA–DR Germany (Federal Republic of)
DS–DT Korea (Republic of)
DU–DZ Philippines (Republic of the)
D2–D3 Angola (Republic of)
D4 Cape Verde (Republic of)
D5 Liberia (Republic of)
D6 Comoros (Islamic Federal Republic of the)
D7–D9 Korea (Republic of)
EA–EH Spain
EI–EJ Ireland (Republic of)
EK Armenia (Republic of)
EL Liberia (Republic of)
EM–EO Ukraine
EP–EQ Iran (Islamic Republic of)
ER Moldova (Republic of)
ES Estonia (Republic of)
ET Ethiopia (Federal Democratic Republic of)
EU–EW Belarus (Republic of)
EX Kyrgyz Republic
EY Tajikistan (Republic of)
EZ Turkmenistan
E2 Thailand
E3 Eritrea
E4 Palestinian Authority (See note 2)
E5 Cook Islands
F France
G United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
HA Hungary (Republic of)
HB Switzerland (Confederation of)
HB0–HB0 Liechtenstein
HC–HD Ecuador
HE Switzerland (Confederation of)
HF Poland (Republic of)
HG Hungary (Republic of)
HH Haiti (Republic of)
HI Dominican Republic
HJndash;HK Colombia (Republic of)
HL Korea (Republic of)
HM Democratic People's Republic of Korea
HN Iraq (Republic of)
HO–HP Panama (Republic of)
HQ–HR Honduras (Republic of)
HS Thailand
HT Nicaragua
HU El Salvador (Republic of)
HV Vatican City State
HW–HY France
HZ Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of)
H2 Cyprus (Republic of)
H3 Panama (Republic of)
H4 Solomon Islands
H6–H7 Nicaragua
H8–H9 Panama (Republic of)
JA–JS Japan
JT–JV Mongolia
JW–JX Norway
JY Jordan (Hashemite Kingdom of)
JZ Indonesia (Republic of)
J2 Djibouti (Republic of)
J3 Grenada
J4 Greece
J5 Guine–Bissau (Republic of)
J6 Saint Lucia
J7 Dominica (Commonwealth of)
J8 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
K United States of America
LA–LN Norway
LO–LW Argentine Republic
LX Luxembourg
LY Lithuania (Republic of)
LZ Bulgaria (Republic of)
L2–L9 Argentine Republic
M United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
N United States of America
OA–OC Peru
OD Lebanon
OE Austria
OF–OJ Finland
OK–OL Czech Republic
OM Slovakia
ON–OT Belgium
OU–OZ Denmark
PA–PI Netherlands (Kingdom of the)
PJ Netherlands (Kingdom of the) — Netherlands Antilles
PK–PO Indonesia (Republic of)
PP–PY Brazil (Federative Republic of)
PZ Suriname (Republic of)
P2 Papua New Guinea
P3 Cyprus (Republic of)
P4 Aruba
P5–P9 Democratic People's Republic of Korea
There are no prefixes beginning Q (See note 3)
R Russian Federation
SA–SM Sweden
SN–SR Poland (Republic of)
SS Egypt (Arab Republic of)
SSN–ST Sudan (Republic of the)
SU Egypt (Arab Republic of)
SV–SZ Greece
S2–S3 Bangladesh (People's Republic of)
S5 Slovenia (Republic of)
S6 Singapore (Republic of)
S7 Seychelles (Republic of)
S8 South Africa (Republic of)
S9 São Tomé and Príncipe (Democratic Republic of)
TA–TC Turkey
TD Guatemala (Republic of)
TE Costa Rica
TF Iceland
TG Guatemala (Republic of)
TH France
TI Costa Rica
TJ Cameroon (Republic of)
TK France
TL Central African Republic
TM France
TN Congo (Republic of the)
TO–TQ France
TR Gabonese Republic
TS Tunisia
TT Chad (Republic of)
TU Côte d'Ivoire (Republic of)
TV–TX France
TY Benin (Republic of)
TZ Mali (Republic of)
T2 Tuvalu
T3 Kiribati (Republic of)
T4 Cuba
T5 Somali Democratic Republic
T6 Afghanistan (Islamic State of)
T7 San Marino (Republic of)
T8 Palau (Republic of)
T9 Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republic of)
UA–UI Russian Federation
UJ–UM Uzbekistan (Republic of)
UN–UQ Kazakhstan (Republic of)
UR–UZ Ukraine
VA–VG Canada
VH–VN Australia
VO Canada (Newfoundland)
VP–VQ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
VR China (People's Republic of)—Hong Kong (See note 2)
VS United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
VT–VW India (Republic of)
VX–VY Canada
VZ Australia
V2 Antigua and Barbuda
V3 Belize
V4 Saint Kitts and Nevis
V5 Namibia (Republic of)
V6 Micronesia (Federated States of)
V7 Marshall Islands (Republic of the)
V8 Brunei Darussalam
W United States of America
XA–XI Mexico
XJ–XO Canada
XP Denmark
XQ–XR Chile
XS China (People's Republic of)
XT Burkina Faso
XU Cambodia (Kingdom of)
XV Viet Nam (Socialist Republic of)
XW Lao People's Democratic Republic
XX Portugal
XY–XZ Myanmar (Union of)
YA Afghanistan (Islamic State of)
YB–YH Indonesia (Republic of)
YI Iraq (Republic of)
YJ Vanuatu (Republic of)
YK Syrian Arab Republic
YL Latvia (Republic of)
YM Turkey
YN Nicaragua
YO–YR Romania
YS El Salvador (Republic of)
YT–YU Serbia and Montenegro
YV–YY Venezuela (Republic of)
YZ Serbia and Montenegro
Y2–Y9 Germany (Federal Republic of)
ZA Albania (Republic of)
ZB–ZJ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
ZK–ZM New Zealand
ZN–ZO United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
ZP Paraguay (Republic of)
ZQ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
ZR–ZU South Africa (Republic of)
ZV–ZZ Brazil (Federative Republic of)
Z2 Zimbabwe (Republic of)
Z3 Republic of Macedonia
2 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
3A Monaco (Principality of)
3B Mauritius (Republic of)
3C Equatorial Guinea (Republic of)
3DA–3DM Swaziland (Kingdom of) (See note 4)
3DN–3DZ Fiji (Republic of) (See note 4)
3E–3F Panama (Republic of)
3G Chile
3H–3U China (People's Republic of)
3V Tunisia
3W Viet Nam (Socialist Republic of)
3X Guinea (Republic of)
3Y Norway
3Z Poland (Republic of)
4A–4C Mexico
4D–4I Philippines (Republic of the)
4J–4K Azerbaijani Republic
4L Georgia (Republic of)
4M Venezuela (Republic of)
4N–4O Serbia and Montenegro
4P–4S Sri Lanka (Democratic Socialist Republic of)
4T Peru
4U United Nations (See note 1)
4V Haiti (Republic of)
4W Timor–Leste (East Timor)
4X Israel (State of)
4Y International Civil Aviation Organization (See note 1)
4Z Israel (State of)
5A Libya (Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya)
5B Cyprus (Republic of)
5C–5G Morocco (Kingdom of)
5H–5I Tanzania (United Republic of)
5J–5K Colombia (Republic of)
5L–5M Liberia (Republic of)
5N–5O Nigeria (Federal Republic of)
5P–5Q Denmark
5R–5S Madagascar (Republic of)
5T Mauritania (Islamic Republic of)
5U Niger (Republic of the)
5V Togolese Republic
5W Western Samoa (Independent State of)
5X Uganda (Republic of)
5Y–5Z Kenya (Republic of)
6A–6B Egypt (Arab Republic of)
6C Syrian Arab Republic
6D–6J Mexico
6K–6N Korea (Republic of)
6O Somali Democratic Republic
6P–6S Pakistan (Islamic Republic of)
6T–6U Sudan (Republic of the)
6V–6W Senegal (Republic of)
6X Madagascar (Republic of)
6Y Jamaica
6Z Liberia (Republic of)
7A–7I Indonesia (Republic of)
7J–7N Japan
7O Yemen (Republic of)
7P Lesotho (Kingdom of)
7Q Malawi
7R Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of)
7S Sweden
7T–7Y Algeria (People's Democratic Republic of)
7Z Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of)
8A–8I Indonesia (Republic of)
8J–8N Japan
8O Botswana (Republic of)
8P–8P Barbados
8Q Maldives (Republic of)
8R Guyana
8S Sweden
8T–8Y India (Republic of)
8Z Saudi Arabia (Kingdom of)
9A Croatia (Republic of)
9B–9D Iran (Islamic Republic of)
9E–9F Ethiopia (Federal Democratic Republic of)
9G Ghana
9H Malta
9I–9J Zambia (Republic of)
9K Kuwait (State of)
9L Sierra Leone
9M Malaysia
9N Nepal
9O–9T Democratic Republic of the Congo
9U Burundi (Republic of)
9V Singapore (Republic of)
9W Malaysia
9X Rwandese Republic
9Y–9Z Trinidad and Tobago
  • Note 1: Series allocated to an international organization.
  • Note 2: Provisional allocation in accordance with No. S19.33:

(S19.33 Between radiocommunication conferences, the Secretary-General is authorized to deal with questions relating to changes in the allocation of series of call signs, on a provisional basis, and subject to confirmation by the following conference.)

  • Note 3: Three letter codes beginning with Q are for communication abbreviations, the Q codes and not used as callsign prefixes.
  • Note 4: Half-series allocation.
  • Note 5: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation operates the vast majority of its stations with call signs beginning with CB. This is through a special agreement with the government of Chile, which is officially assigned the CB prefix.

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