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Template:Infobox CVG Heretic is a fantasy first-person shooter video game created by Raven Software, published by id Software, and distributed by GT Interactive in 1994.

Using a modified Doom engine, Heretic was one of the first first-person games to feature inventory manipulation and the ability to look up and down. It also introduced multiple gib objects spawned when a character suffered a death by extreme force or heat. Previously, the character simply crumpled into a heap of jumbled body parts.

The original version of Heretic had three unlinked episodes, but a stand-alone special edition, Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders, was also available, featuring two additional episodes. The Episodes in the original are the City of the Damned, where the player has to go through an abandoned ancient city overrun by monsters, Hell's Maw, which is set in Hell, and the Dome of D'Sparil, which is set in a city at the bottom of the ocean, protected by gigantic crystal domes. The two extra episodes are the Ossuary and the Stagnant Demesne.

The Ossuary takes the player to the shattered remains of a world conquered by the Serpent Riders centuries ago. The Stagnant Demesne is the final episode where the player enters D'Sparil's home stronghold - the very pit he was spawned. The heretic seeks to find a way out, yet D'Sparil's personal guards are out to kill him. That fifth episode was designed to be the hardest episode of the game.

The first sequel, HeXen, which also used a modified Doom engine, was released about a year after Heretic in 1995. The next game in the HeXen/Heretic universe, HeXen II, was released in 1997 and was based on a modified Quake engine. Later in 1998, Heretic II was released, using a modified Quake II engine.

In early 1999, the source code of Heretic was published by Raven Software. This resulted in ports of Heretic to Linux and other operating systems, and updates to the Heretic engine which utilized 3D acceleration.


When you first saw the seven candles, you knew. You knew - but any Sidhe would have known in the magic of the reflections pulsing across the ceiling of the Elder's chamber: each flame with its own power to burn, each flame tied irrevocably to the flow of the Earth's breath - the seven flames were the armies of the seven kings of Earth.

Circling the candles stood the Elders of the Sidhe, leaders of an ancient elf race adept in arcane sorcery and keepers of the Tomes of Power. From the Book they read the prophecy of Armageddon. "The three come from the Eastern wilds and they shall be given dominion over all that believeth in them. He that hath an ear, let him hear that the Sidhe will be driven before them and on the day that the children of the Sidhe are no more the earth shall be forever lost to the Abyss."

From the East came the evil foretold by your forefathers: the three Serpent Riders, guardians of death everlasting. Their form was shrouded by black cloaks. Only their eyes were revealed; sunken with evil , dreadful intensity. As a sign of power they brought peace to the Eastern provinces. Those who believed in the sign created a temple in their honor; and it bore the mark of the crossed trident. Their worshipers were the Order of the Sign; blind followers, without will, void of spirit. As the power of the Order grew, even the seven kings of the Earth followed like cattle behind them. And after they controlled the great nations two Riders left the world. Only D'Sparil, the weakest of them remained while his disciples traveled the earth cleansing it in preparation for its descent.

Scorned by the other people of Earth, the Sidhe possessing powers of their own, remained unaffected by the spell of the Riders. The Sidhe are now considered the Heretics, the unclean, fit only to be wiped from the face of the Earth. The disciples of D'Sparil conspired with the kings of the earth to remove the last lands of apostasy. And while the armies of the seven nations gathered to destroy the Sidhe, the Elders convened to discuss the fate of your people. When all voices had spoke against the Order, the seven Elders extinguished the seven candles flames simultaneously. At that silent instant, a brilliant flash of light came from the east and the armies that had gathered against you were no more. Drained by their efforts, the Elders fell to the floor, listening to the single painful scream echoing from the now-scorched battlefield.

But then the forces of the Abyss took their vengeance. The ether had quaked with the Elders' magic effort, and the curse of the Order followed the trail unerringly to the Elders' conventicle. Suddenly the foul odor of death came and the earth opened to engulf the Elders in flames; the white-bright fire clinging to their flesh, knowingly and eagerly eating each layer of skin. Too, pouring forth from the earth like squirming maggots, came the forces of evil both beast and undead. They attacked in hordes like packs of dogs, first surrounding the weakest and biting and clawing their victims to the ground. As each Sidhe fell several beasts would gather to chew into their bellies like pigs into slop, their heads often deeply submerged into the gut with the victim's intestines slung half-eaten upon their own squirming bodies. When the day was done, the few remaining Sidhe were scattered throughout the land. The Abyss had taken the tomes and artifacts of your people as spoils of their victory. Alone, without weapons, the surviving Sidhe would surely perish at the hands of the Order of the Triad. The Elders' destruction of the seven armies had gone for naught.

While the other Sidhe had hid, their spirit broken, you thirsted for vengeance and rode East into the wilderness, in search of D'Sparil. Now you stand before the City of the Damned, its air thick with the stench of rot. Your hate drives you to see these creatures oozing their heart's ichor before you. Beyond these gates the dead and the creatures of the night writhe in dark corners, their bodies aching for your blood. With luck, some of your peoples' ancient artifacts can be found hidden amongst the dark passages beyond. For with only a staff as your weapon, the world is surely damned.

Game Levels

Episode 1: The City of the Damned

  • 1. The Docks
  • 2. The Dungeons
  • 3. The Gatehouse
  • 4. The Guard Tower
  • 5. The Citadel
  • 6. The Cathedral (secret exit to lvl 9)
  • 7. The Crypts
  • 8. Hell's Maw
  • 9. (secret) The Graveyard

Episode 2: Hell's Maw

  • 1. The Crater
  • 2. The Lava Pits
  • 3. The River of Flame
  • 4. The Ice Grotto (secret exit to lvl 9)
  • 5. The Catacombs
  • 6. The Labyrinth
  • 7. The Great Hall
  • 8. The Gates of Chaos
  • 9. (secret) The Glacier

Episode 3: The Dome of D'Sparil

  • 1. The Storehouse
  • 2. The Cesspool
  • 3. The Confluence
  • 4. The Azure Fortress (secret exit to lvl 9)
  • 5. Ophidian Lair
  • 6. The Halls of Fear
  • 7. The Chasm
  • 8. The Lair of D'Sparil
  • 9. (secret) The Acquifer

Episode 4: The Ossuary

  • 1. Catafalque
  • 2. The Blockhouse
  • 3. Ambulatory
  • 4. Sepulcher (secret exit to lvl 9)
  • 5. Great Stair
  • 6. Halls of the Apostate
  • 7. Ramparts of Perdition
  • 8. Shattered Bridge
  • 9. (secret) Mausoleum

Episode 5: The Stagnant Demesne

  • 1. Ochre Cliffs
  • 2. Rapids
  • 3. Quay (secret exit to lvl 9)
  • 4. Courtyard
  • 5. Hydratir
  • 6. Colonade
  • 7. Foele Masne
  • 8. Field of Judgement
  • 9. (secret) Skein of D'Sparil

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