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Greg Egan (born August 20, 1961) is an Australian (Perth-based) computer programmer and science fiction author. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Western Australia.

Egan specialises in hard science fiction stories with mathematical and quantum ontology themes, including the nature of consciousness. Other themes include genetics, simulated reality, mind transfer, sexuality, artificial intelligence, and the superiority of rational materialism over religion. He is a Hugo Award winner (and has been shortlisted for the Hugos three other times), and has also won the John W Campbell Memorial Award for Best Novel. Some of his earlier short stories feature strong elements of supernatural horror.

Egan's short stories have been published in a variety of genre magazines, including regular appearances in Interzone and Asimov's Science Fiction.

His 1994 novel Permutation City was a highly praised exploration of the copying of human personalities or minds. The protagonist challenges his society's understanding (and the reader's) of 'copies', and of identity, computing, the laws of physics and reality.

He has recently been active on the issue of refugee rights in Australia.


In an issue of the Top 10 comic book, an AI officer is asked whether he would have ethical issues with transferring his mind into a new body for purposes of undercover work. He answers that, as he is a "High Church Eganite", he would have no problem.





Key: A : Collected in Axiomatic, L : Collected in Luminous

  • 'Singleton'
  • 'Oracle'
  • 'Only Connect'
  • 'Border Guards'
  • 'Oceanic'
  • 'The Planck Dive' (L)
  • 'Yeyuka'
  • 'Reasons to Be Cheerful' (L)
  • 'Silver Fire' (L)
  • 'TAP'
  • 'Mister Volition' (L)
  • 'Luminous' (L)
  • 'Wang's Carpets'
  • 'A Kidnapping' (A)
  • 'Seeing' (A)
  • 'Mitochondrial Eve' (L)
  • 'Cocoon' (L)
  • 'Our Lady of Chernobyl' (L)
  • 'Chaff' (L)
  • 'Transition Dreams' (L)
  • 'The Walk' (A)
  • 'Reification Highway'
  • 'Closer' (A)
  • 'Worthless'
  • 'Unstable Orbits in the Space of Lies' (A)
  • 'Dust'
  • 'Before'
  • 'The Hundred Light-Year Diary' (A)
  • 'Into Darkness' (A)
  • 'Fidelity'
  • 'Appropriate Love' (A)
  • 'The Demon's Passage'
  • 'The Infinite Assassin' (A)
  • 'The Moat' (A)
  • 'In Numbers'
  • "Blood Sisters" (1991) (A)
  • 'The Vat'
  • 'The Moral Virologist' (A)
  • 'Axiomatic' (A)
  • 'The Extra'
  • 'The Safe-Deposit Box' (A)
  • 'Learning to Be Me' (A)
  • 'Eugene' (A)
  • 'The Caress' (A)
  • 'Beyond the Whistle Test'
  • 'The Cutie' (A)
  • 'Scatter My Ashes'
  • 'Neighbourhood Watch'
  • 'Mind Vampires'
  • 'Tangled Up'
  • 'The Way She Smiles, The Things She Says'
  • 'Artifact'
  • 'Orphanogenesis'


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