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The Honourable Gerhard Herzberg, PC , CC , D.Sc , LL.D , FRSC , FRS (December 25, 1904March 3, 1999) was a pioneering theoretical chemist. Born in Germany, he fled in 1935 to Canada, where he continued his distinguished scientific career.

Herzberg's main work concerned atomic and molecular spectroscopy. He is well known for using these techniques to determine the structures of diatomic and polyatomic molecules, including free radicals difficult to investigate in any other way, and for the chemical analysis of astronomical objects.


Other honours

Herzberg was honoured with memberships or fellowships by a very large number of scientific societies, received many awards and honorary degrees in different countries. The NSERC Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering, Canada's highest research award, was named in his honour in 2000.

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