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Find the equation of the straight line passing through the point of intersection of the lines 5x-3y-3=0,4x+y-1=0\, and passing through the point (0,2)\,

The equation of the line passing thro the given lines' point of intersection is

k_{1}(5x-3y-3)+k_{2}(4x+y-1)=0\, where k_{1},k_{2}\, are any non-zero constants.

This line passes thro' (0,2)\,

Hence k_{1}(5(0)-3(2)-3)+k_{2}(4(0)+2-1)=0\,


Therefore,the equation of the line is k_{1}(5x-3y-3)+9k_{1}(4x+y-1)=0\,



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