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Three Freddo Frog Flavors: Strawberry, Dairy Milk and Milky White

Cadbury's Freddo Frog was invented in the 1930s, when Harry Melbourne, employee of McPherson's Chocolates, decided they needed a new chocolate range.

Statistics showed that a mouse was wanted most, but Harry felt that would not sell. His reasoning was that women and children were afraid of mice, and would dislike it. Thus, Freddo was born.

Today, Freddo Frog is Australia’s most popular children’s chocolate.

Freddo Frogs are manufactured in Ringwood, Victoria and Hobart in Australia.

In the UK, Freddo Frogs are available in solid Milk Chocolate form and Milk Chocolate filled with Caramel.

Since the success of Freddo, an alternate chocolate named Caramello Koala, also made by Cadbury, has been created.

Freddo Frogs have a variety of flavours including; Dairy Milk, White Chocolate, Rice Crisp Strawberry, Peppermint, Rainbow Crunch and Top Deck

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