François dAguilon

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François d'Aguilon or Aguilonius (15461617) was a Belgian mathematician and physicist. He was born in Brussels, Belgium and became a Jesuit in 1586. In 1611, he started a special school of mathematics, in Antwerp, which intended to perpetuate the mathematical research and study in the Jesuit society. This school produced geometers like André Tacquet and Jean-Charles de la Faille. His book, Opticorum Libri Sex philosophis juxta ac mathematicis utiles (Six Books of Optics, useful for philosophers and mathematicians alike), published in Antwerp in 1613, was illustrated by famous painter Peter Paul Rubens. Furthermore, it inspired the works of Desargues and Christiaan Huygens and was notable for containing the principles of stereographic projection. He died in Antwerp.