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The Florida State League is a minor league baseball league which operates in the state of Florida. Before 2002, it was classified as a "High-A" league, indicating its status as a Class A league with the highest level of competition within that classification, and the fifth step between Rookie ball and the major leagues. Although Minor League Baseball, the umbrella organization for minor leagues that are affiliated with Major League Baseball, has eliminated the distinction between High-A and other full-season A leagues, most major-league teams still use this league as a standard promotion step. A few draftees, generally early-round draftees with college experience, will be assigned to a "High-A" team upon signing a professional contract, but most High-A players do not reach that level until their third or fourth year of professional play.

The league originated in 1919 with teams in Bartow, Bradenton, Lakeland, Orlando, Sanford and Tampa. The league closed down in 1928 and resumed play in 1936 and has continued uninterrupted, except for a four-year (1942-45) suspension during World War II.

Currently, the league is divided into an East Division and a West Division. The 12 member teams plays a 140 game schedule with 70 games at home and 70 game on the road. The six team ED and six teams WD plays a split season with the first half ending on June and the second half ending on September.

Four (4) teams participate in the play-offs. Winners of both halves within each Division play each other in a best of three (3) game series for the Division Championships. If there is a repeat Division winner, a wild card team will qualify for the play-offs. The Division Champions will move on to the League Championship Series and play a best of five (5) game series.

The current member teams are:

East Division

West Division

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