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Esther Dyson in San Francisco in 2005 (Photo: Jacob Appelbaum)

Esther Dyson (born 14 July, 1951) is the daughter of Freeman Dyson, the sister of George Dyson, and a noted consultant and philosopher in the field of emerging digital technology.

After graduating from Harvard in economics, Dyson began her serious career in 1974 as a fact-checker for Forbes and quickly rose to reporter. In 1977 she joined New Court Securities as "the research department", following Federal Express and other start-ups. After a stint at Oppenheimer covering software companies, she moved to Rosen Research and in 1983 bought the company from her employer Ben Rosen, and renamed it EDventure Holdings.

A signature element of her projects are their names:

  • Release 1.0 is Dyson's influential monthly technology-industry newsletter, published for the last 20 years by EDventure Holdings. Dyson writes several issues herself and edits the rest.
  • Release 2.0 is Dyson's 1997 book on the effect of the Internet on individuals' lives. The full title is Release 2.0: A design for living in the digital age. She published an updated volume, Release 2.1, in 1998.
  • Release 3.0 is Dyson's bimonthly column for the New York Times and its syndicate. Dyson also publishes the column in her own newsletter.

Dyson and her company specialize in analysing the impact of emerging technologies and markets on the economy and society.

She is a noted participant in numerous non-profit organizations. She donates time and money as a trustee to emerging organizations (Glasses for Humanity,, the National Endowment for Democracy and the Eurasia Foundation). She recently finished a two-year-term as founding chairman of ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. As of 2004, she sits on its "reform" committee, dedicated to defining a role for individuals in ICANN's decision-making and governance structures. She is also a member of the board for The Long Now Foundation.

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