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Essential Logic were a UK post-punk band formed by saxophonist Lora Logic (born Susan Whitby) after leaving X-Ray Spex.

The band initially consisted of Lora Logic (saxophone, vocals), Philip Legg (guitar, vocals), John Oliver (bass), Rich Tea (drums), and Dave Wright (saxophone). Oliver was later replaced by Mark Turner on bass. They formed in 1978 with Logic fresh out of art school. Their first 7" was released on their own label. They released a self-titled EP on Virgin Records in 1979, before signing to Rough Trade. Their debut LP, Beat Rhythm News - Waddle Ya Pay? was released in 1979, followed by several 7"s before the band split in 1980.

Lora Logic released a solo LP, Pedigree Charm, on Rough Trade in 1980. Following collaborations with Red Crayola, The Raincoats, and The Swell Maps, she turned to the Hare Krishna religion.