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Devon Gummersall (born October 15, 1978 in Durango, Colorado) is an American television and film actor best known for his work on the cult classic television show My So-Called Life.

He began acting at the age of 10 and his first major performance was as a guest star on the television series "Dream On." He appeared in minor guest spots on various T.V. shows and in films like "My Girl 2" until he was cast as the brainy character of Brian Krakow on My So-Called Life in 1994. The show was inexplicably cancelled after only one season. His talent was duly noted when he was nominated for a Young Artist Award for his performance as Brian. (He won one as an ensemble with his fellow cast members.)

He has, since 1994, appeared in various television shows and films, most notably as a sexually confused teenager in the 1996 film "It's My Party." He played "Zach" during the first season of the hit show "Felicity," but was quickly cut. He was cast in the television series "The Fugitive" in 2000 but the show was cancelled a year later. As of 2002 he continues to appear in small roles in independent films such as "The Anarchist Cookbook."


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