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The USS Rio Grande (NCC-72452), a Danube class runabout.

In the Star Trek fictional universe, the Danube class starship is a type of shuttlecraft used by Starfleet as transportation vessels. Smaller than a starship but larger and more versatile than a shuttlecraft, runabouts are used for long-range movement of personnel and supplies. Runabouts assigned to Deep Space Nine are named for rivers on Earth. The Danube class runabout features a modular design; with the assembly of the spine, pylons, and nacelles removed, mission-specific modules can be added or changed. Known modules include various research laboratories, sensor stations, power generators, emergency habitats, more living quarters, modules containing four micro-torpedo launchers, and other weapons modules. During general mission operations, Danube-class runabouts are very lightly armed, normally outfitted with six Type-IV phaser arrays and a magazine of 24 microtorpedoes.

In real life, the Danube class runabout was designed by Rick Sternbach and Jim Martin for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in 1992.

Known Danube class runabouts

  • USS Danube (NCC-72003, ex-NX-72003)
    • Named for the Danube River, the runabout Danube was constructed in 2368 at Utopia Planetia shipyard and was pathfinder of its class. Fate unknown.
  • USS Gander (Registry unknown)
  • USS Ganges (NCC-72454)
  • USS Mekong (NCC-72617)
    • Named for the Mekong River, the runabout Mekong was destroyed in 2371.
  • USS Orinoco (NCC-72905)
    • Named for the Orinoco River, the runabout Orinoco was destroyed in 2372 by a Cardassian separatist group named "The True Way."
  • USS Rio Grande (NCC-72452)
    • Named for the Rio Grande in Texas, the runabout Rio Grande was assigned to Deep Space Nine circa stardate 46379.1 in 2369. It is the only runabout known to have survived all seven years of Captain Benjamin Sisko's command aboard Deep Space Nine.
  • USS Rubicon (NCC-72936)
    • Named for the Rubicon, the runabout Rubicon was used to investigate a rare subspace compression anomaly circa stardate 51474.2. The Rubicon was destroyed in the Romulan and Cardassian attack on the Dominion.
  • USS Shenandoah (NCC-73024)
  • USS Volga (NCC-73196)
  • USS Yangtzee Kiang (NCC-72453)
  • USS Yukon (NCC-74602)
    • Named for the Yukon River, the runabout Yukon was destroyed by the USS Defiant when a Dominion agent stole the runabout to destroy the Bajor system's sun.
  • (Name unknown) (NCC-73918)
    • This unnamed runabout was used to obtain a Breen energy dampening weapon.
  • (Name and NCC unknown)


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