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Dan Castellaneta

Daniel Louis Castellaneta (born September 10, 1958 in Chicago, Illinois) is an Italian-American actor who is best known for providing the voice of Homer Simpson and other characters on the animated series The Simpsons, and as the voice of the Genie in Disney's The Return of Jafar, the animated series Aladdin, House of Mouse and Kingdom Hearts. He was a cast member on The Tracey Ullman Show, where The Simpsons first appeared on TV, as well.

He is also the voice of the leading character in the animated series Earthworm Jim and the narrator of the movie Super Mario Bros.. He released a comedy CD in 2002. In 2005, he appeared in Arrested Development as a deadpan doctor who misdiagnosed Jason Bateman's character and in the movie The War of the Roses he desires a divorce at the beginning of the movie. He also appeared in episodes of Frasier, Friends, Married with Children, Yes, Dear, Reba, Everybody Loves Raymond, and Stargate SG-1.

A native of Chicago, he was educated at the Oak Park and River Forest High School and Northern Illinois University. Upon graduation Castellaneta went on to work at Chicago's The Second City, which he later recalled on Inside The Actor's Studio as a place that if you're not funny going in, will train you on how to be funny when going out.

On The Simpsons, Castellaneta provides the voices for Homer Simpson, Abraham Simpson (Grandpa), Barney Gumble, Krusty the Clown, Groundskeeper Willie, Mayor Joe Quimby, Hans Moleman, Sideshow Mel, Itchy, Kodos, Arnie Pie, Scott Christian, and other characters. Along with Hank Azaria and Harry Shearer, he is a dominant voice on the series.

He has also played Grandpa on the Nickelodeon show Hey Arnold!, Doctor Emmett L. Brown in the animated series of Back to the Future, and the Things on the movie Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat. In 1999 he played as the comedic Nordom the anti-Modron in the computer game Planescape: Torment. He voiced the Robot Devil in Futurama and in 2002 he voiced the Genie in the RPG Kingdom Hearts.

On February 22, 2000, his first CD Two Lips was published, followed by his second CD on April 23, 2002 I Am Not Homer (both on Oglio Records). He is married to writer Deb Lacusta and currently resides in Los Angeles where he occasionally performs alongside The Second City's branch.

Dan can be seen in the upcoming Will Smith drama Pursuit of Happyness.

Selected filmography

Homer Simpson
Barney Gumble
Abe "Grampa" Simpson

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