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Minimize J(y)=\int 2\pi y{\sqrt  {1+y'^{2}}}dx\,

Our functional does not depend explicitly on x, so we can use the first integral F-y'F_{{y'}}=c_{1}\,.

y{\sqrt  {1+y'^{2}}}-{\frac  {yy'^{2}}{{\sqrt  {1+y'^{2}}}}}=c_{1}

{\frac  {y}{{\sqrt  {1+y'^{2}}}}}=c_{1}

y'={\frac  {{\sqrt  {y^{2}-c_{2}^{2}}}}{c_{2}^{2}}}

dx=\int {\frac  {c_{2}dy}{{\sqrt  {y^{2}-c_{1}^{2}}}}}

Letting y=c_{1}\cosh t,dy=c_{1}\sinh tdt\,, we get:

dx=\int {\frac  {c_{1}^{2}\sinh tdt}{c_{1}\sinh t}}=\int c_{1}dt


y=c_{1}\operatorname {arccos}{\frac  {x-c_{2}}{c_{1}}}

This problem is equivalent to finding the equation of a hanging cable of uniform density with fixed endpoints. To minimize the total potential energy, we make our functional equal to the height of the cable multiplied by the arc length.

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