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Cleveland State University (abbr. CSU) is a public university located in Cleveland, Ohio. The current President is Michael Schwartz, who was previously president emeritus and a professor at Kent State University.

CSU offers many disciplines and research facilities, with 70 academic majors, 27 master's degree programs, two post-master's degrees, six doctoral degrees, and two law degrees. It also has research cooperation agreements with the nearby NASA Glenn Research Center.

The University is organized around eight academic colleges:

Additionally, the Division of University Studies focuses on academic support services, and the Division of Continuing Education extends existing academic services beyond the campus.


Cleveland State traces its historical roots to 1870, when the Cleveland YMCA began to offer free classes. The YMCA program was formalized in 1881, reorganized in 1906 as the Association Institute, and became the Cleveland School of Technology, later renamed Fenn College. Fenn College expanded, taking over several buildings in the area, including an automobile dealership in what is now Stillwell Hall. In 1964 Cleveland State appropriated the buildings, faculty, staff, and programs of Fenn College, a private institution of 2,500 students, and became a public university.

Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

The Cleveland-Marshall College of Law traces its origins to the founding of Cleveland Law School in 1897 as the first evening law school in the state and one of the first to admit women and minorities. In 1946, Cleveland Law School merged with the John Marshall School of Law, founded in 1916, to become Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. Cleveland-Marshall became part of Cleveland State University in 1969.

One of the most famous alumni of the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law is Tim Russert, host of television program Meet the Press.


CSU's main campus in downtown Cleveland is bounded on the east and west by Interstate 90 and 18th Street, respectively; and by Chester Avenue to the north and Euclid Avenue on the south. It also has satellite campuses in Westlake, Ohio and Solon, Ohio, both of which lie in the Greater Cleveland metropolitan area in Cuyahoga County.

Campus and community

Faculty and Student Body

In 2002, the student body consisted of 10,356 undergraduates and 5,618 graduate students. At this time the university employed 490 full-time and 420 part-time faculty. The university is oriented toward commuters, with only 500 students living on campus (the maximum number of on-campus students living in Viking Hall, the school's sole dormitory).

Expansion Plans

CSU recently unveiled a long-term plan to make the campus more amenable to residence and increase the number of students living on campus by building thousands of housing units (including a new dormitory, Fenn Tower, a reuse of the school's most historic building that is now under construction).

The University also plans to construct a new student recreation center, as well as two new buildings for the Colleges of Graduate Studies and Education; there are longer-term plans to create a "Varsity Village" incorporating athletic fields and student housing into a green, residential area.

Fenn Tower currently houses what was at one time the longest Foucault pendulum in the world; however, the pendulum has been inoperational since 1980.

Radio station

The campus' student-run radio station, 89.3 WCSB-FM, has a 630-Watt transmitter on top of Rhodes Tower (formerly called University Tower).

Information technology

CSU is a member of the OneCleveland computer network.


Admissions policy

Until recently, the university maintained a policy of open admission for all undergraduate programs; however, the university is phasing-out this policy in favor of basic admission standards for full-time and most part-time students, allowing others to begin basic coursework or shifting them to local community colleges.

Academic term

Historically, the university divided its school year into trimesters; in 1997, CSU changed the academic term to division by semesters.

Athletics and sport

The sports teams' nickname is the Vikings. The school colors are green and white. Cleveland State fields varsity teams in seventeen sports, including cheerleading, but most notably, does not have a football team. Most of the teams compete in the Horizon League. The men's basketball team achieved the greatest notoriety in 1986 when seeded 14th in the NCAA tournament, it upset heavily favored 3-seed Indiana and St. Joseph's before being beaten by Navy by one point, an unprecedented achievement for such a low seed.

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