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Find the equation of the straight line joining the points(-9+6i),(11-4i)\,

in the Argand plane.

From the complex numbers,we can derive the points as (9,6),(11,-4)\,.

Let the points be A(9,6),B(11,-4)\,.

Now the straight line joining these two points is as below

\overline {AB}=(y-6)=\left({\frac  {-4-6}{11-9}}\right)(x-9)\,

Simplifying the fraction \overline {AB}=(y-6)=\left({\frac  {-10}{2}}\right)(x-9)\,

\overline {AB}=(y-6)=(-5)(x-9)\,

\overline {AB}=(y-6)=-5x+45\,

The straight line equation is \overline {AB}=y+5x-51=0\,

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