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Blazin' Squad was a 10-piece UK pop-rap band.


As 9 of them MC, they each chose themselves an MC name and the other chose a DJ name:

  • MC Spike-E - Real name Sam Foulkes - Chosen because he has spikey hair.
  • MC Reepa - Real name Stuart Baker - Chosen because he liked the sound of it.
  • MC Strider - Real name Mustafa Omer - Chosen because he is a fast runner.
  • MC Krazy - Real name Lee Bailey - Chosen because he has mad moments.
  • MC Freek - Real name Oliver Georgiou - Chosen because his favourite pirate station is Freek FM.
  • MC Melo-D - Real name Chris McKeckney - Chosen because he liked the sound of it.
  • MC Kenzie - Real name James McKenzie - Chosen by splitting his surname. (Kenzie was the runner up in Celebrity Big Brother Series 3 in January 2005)
  • MC Plat'num - Real name Marcel Sommerville - Chosen because he liked it (originally was Rocky-B because he liked rocky movies).
  • MC Flava - Real name James Murray - Chosen because he likes different flavours of music.
  • DJ Tommy-B - Real name Tom Beasley


All of the 10 members grew up in Chingford, London and attended Highams Park school.

The group made a demo at a studio for £200 called "Standard Flow". This demo was released on pirate radio stations under their own record label "Weighty Plates". After EastWest Records heard this song on the radio, they decided to give them a proper record deal. DJ Tommy-B chose to cover a song called "Crossroads", which was originally recorded by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. They used the chorus of the original song and wrote their own MC verses. They then released it as their first single once they left school at the ages of 16. Crossroads went straight into the UK Charts at the number one spot and Blazin' Squad enjoyed moderate success in 2003-2004.


Blazin' Squad's music comes under the genres Urban, Rap and Pop.

They have released so far six singles which in order were:

  • Crossroads
  • Love On The Line
  • Reminisce/Where The Story Ends
  • We Just Be Dreamin'
  • Flip Reverse
  • Here 4 One

All of the singles entered the top 10 in the UK chart and two of which reached the top 5. They have made two albums so far. Their first was called In the Beginning. This album contained their first three singles and also their track "Standard Flow" which got them their record deal in the first place.

Their most recent album Now or Never was released at the end of 2003. This album was more well-received than the first because many people felt that they had grown up more and had become more experienced. It contains their two top 5 hits "We Just Be Dreamin'", "Flip Reverse" and their latest single "Here 4 One".

Blazin' Squad have performed two UK tours (summer 2003 and spring 2004).


The split first occurred in 2005, when MC Krazy dropped out of the band to work in a Swiss bank, and the band subsequently split altogether. The remaining members are now committed to individual projects, with Kenzie, Flava, and Strider starting their own band, called Friday Hill. The new band appeared on MOM (ITV) on September 10th 2005.

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